Check Out Xiaomi Mi9 First 48MP camera samples


As we anticipate the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi 9 next week with triple camera’s, a new leak has revealed the camera samples of the device. The latest leak is coming from Chuan Wang who is the co-founder and director of the Chinese division of the company. He posted on his Weibo account some camera samples of the new smartphone. In his first post, he showed an image of a flower in poor lighting and he also showed another two pictures of some cute doggies and a crab. There is a watermark in the lower left corner of the last two pictures that he posted which reveals that there will be a 48MP triple camera on the main shooter.

The three pictures have different distinctive features. The amount of light in each of those flowers was captured perfectly. We can see that the plants are plastics but the colours are well taken and the shadows are visible. We could not be able to find details about the ISO and focal length of the device because the metadata vanished after the pictures were posted on Weibo.

We can see that the pictures of the golden Labradors are very good in terms of details. All the hair can be differentiated and you can see the difference in the nose of the dogs and even Wang is reflected in the eyes of the pups. Although we assume that the pictures might have been taken in the day time which makes it obvious for the camera to perform well.

If you remove the moral implications of keeping animals in a cage, the third picture which was taken in an aquarium looks pretty good. We can see all the details including the air bubbles. We can see some stacks of pixels when we look at the big chunk of air on the upper left side – which means that more info’s was captured by the camera in one shot. And the picture was likely shot with night mode.

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