Don’t Break the Bank: How to Test the Waters in Mobile Gaming for Free

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Whatever has drawn you to mobile gaming, whether you are a casual gamer or very competitive, one thing is for sure: the industry has got you covered. Best of all? You do not have to fork over a lot of money to play some of the top gaming titles out there. There are several gaming genres that offer free titles or options.

World-Class Free-to-Play Gaming

Having made huge leaps in progress in recent years, mobile gaming can now offer some intricate gaming apps and a wide selection of titles suitable for every taste. The industry has developed so much that some of the top gaming titles are free-to-play. With so many mobile games joining in every day, developers can now rely on other ways to make a profit from their games, like ads and in-app purchases. This extends to some of the most celebrated and beloved titles out there. Hit multiplayer battle royale games Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have caused a frenzy during the past year – and they are both available for free on smartphones, both on iOS and Android.

Both of these games are also available on console and PC – which is very telling with regard to the increased capabilities of mobile devices to host elaborate gameplay and graphics. Other incredibly popular titles in the casual gaming genre are also free-to-play, including Pokémon GO and Candy Crush Saga. In fact, free-to-play mobile games made billions in revenue in 2018, with Fortnite topping the list at $2.4 billion, while Pokémon GO and Candy Crush Saga both made it to the top 10 free-to-play games with $1.3 billion and $1.1 billion respectively.

Trial Versions and Online Casino Offers

Many mobile games out there have decided not to go for a completely free-to-play experience, but instead offer a basic mode or starter pack that is free and then charge players who wish to go on playing the game. This gives both sides an advantage, as the player can get a taste before they purchase the product, and the developer studio makes sure that no potential buyers are discouraged by having to pay before getting a shot at seeing what the game looks like. Some famous gaming franchises have opted for this approach, like Nintendo’s Super Mario Run mobile gaming app that is free to download. After installing for free, the player can then pay to unlock additional levels and features on each of its four modes.

Many mobile casino games also offer a unique kind of “trial” option for free. According to the site Online Casinos Canada, no-deposit bonus free spins are often offered to newcomers, which means players can access the bonus for free. This gives gamblers a taste of the casino’s games library and also allows them to keep the money they might win. Some casinos also offer other mobile exclusive promotions like mobile free spins – which is another version of playing for free for a limited number of spins.

Whether you are new to mobile gaming or a seasoned player already who just wants to discover new titles, there is no reason why your hobby should be expensive. Just do your research and choose mobile games that will let you play for free – even if it’s just for a little while.


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