MTN Customer Care Number, Email and How to Speak with them

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Many at times it is so difficult to get through to an MTN customer care representative either through the MTN customer care number or through the machine that ditches out instructions. The instruction which is mostly a voice-over programmed into the system is harder to reach than imagine.

Hence, the essence of this post is to let you able to contact an MTN customer service agent easily without having to go through the frustrating experience of the machine.

So here we will be providing you with the easiest means of reaching them and most of these platforms are available 24/7. You can reach them on social media, such as their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram handle as well as WhatsApp number.

How to Speak with an Mtn Customer Service Agent?

Do you have any complaints you will like to be solved by an MTN customer service Agent? Then, you will have to follow one of these guides in order to be promptly attended to.

Method 1: By calling the MTN Customer care Number: 180

This is a dedicated toll-free line that is available 24/7 for all customer’s related complaints. To get started,

  1. Dial 180 and then wait for a few seconds and press 1 for English. But if you want to speak with them in your local dialect, you will have to listen while the system ditches out the instruction.
  2. Then wait for a few seconds and press 9 where  you will be directed to the Main Menu
  3. Next, Press 6 to take you to the Mtn customer care Support
  4. Finally, Press 0 to speak with a Customer Care Representative

Method 2: By calling these MTN Customer Care Number

  • If you are in Nigeria: 08031000180.
  • For those outside Nigeria: +2348031000180

NB: These Mtn lines are not Toll-free hence charges applied.

Method 3: Through Mtn Social Media Accounts.

If you don’t want to go through the processes of calling an Mtn customer care agent, you can directly contact them on their social media handles.

Method 4: Via Email

Method 5: Via WhatsApp

With these Mtn Customer care Numbers on WhatsApp, you can easily chat with them.

  • 09033000001.
  • 09033000002.
  • 09033000003.
  • 09033000004.
  • 09033000005.

Method 6: Via Live Chat on their Website

To get started, visit the Website on Then click on Live Chat at the bottom right corner of the page to chat with them live.

That is pretty much on how to contact an Mtn Customer care, hope the article is helpful?


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