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  1. i have been trying this stuff since i started bankiny with wema i hate when i say i can’t do a mobile transfer, cause the nxt question is which bank?… then i say wema and then they advice me to change my bank (which I don’t want to, but wema bank have to help me keep banking with them and improve service)

  2. I forgot my pin to transfer to other banks and I want to transfer now I don’t know my pin anymore, please how can I know my pin and then if possible change it.please its urgent since tomorrow is weekend

  3. I’m try to use the code *945# to check my account balance after re activation but it is telling me I correct pin which of the pin is it asking for is it not my 4 digits pin pls kindly assist tx.

  4. In want to wire money from mybweman bank account,have been trying it long time he didn’t go true saying my ussd is incorrect,kindly help me out.

  5. Comment Text* I received a message that have reach the transfer limit and have been using it for a while Pls what is the way forward, I need to use it urgently and am unable to do that Pls help.

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