Are Phablets the Future of Mobile?


The Samsung Galaxy Note is credited with making the phablet popular, and since its release in 2011, there have been a number of other notable devices that straddle the worlds of smartphones and tablets. During the impressive rise of mobile over the past ten years, handheld devices have strived to do all the same things as personal computers. As mobile is becoming more likely to replace laptops and PCs at some point, the happy medium of the phablet could well be the platform of choice for many consumers.

Since smartphones came to the fore with Apple’s iPhone in 2007, the mobile gaming industry has been growing exponentially each year. In 2016, the total revenue from the sector was $32 billion and in 2023 that figure is projected to be over $58 billion. These figures highlight just how rapid the growth is. The portable platform has led to an increase in pick-up-and-play style games such as Alto’s Adventure and the Pumped BMX series, which are easily accessible to wide ranges of players.

Online casinos have also flourished on the devices because the games offered have similar features to mobile app games. A lot of sites that started out on a desktop now offer a mobile casino to their players, and many developers including Microgaming and Playtech have begun to put a heavy focus on the smaller device when designing their games. In fact, mobile is now the most popular place to play casino games. For many players, the larger screen of the phablet is the ideal way to view games. The visuals can be enjoyed to their full effect, but the phone is also small enough to fit in one’s pocket. Tablets, on the other hand, are a bit too bulky to carry around and use in places like a cramped public train.

Aside from gaming, Phablets can be the ideal solution for numerous other tasks. While they act as a phone and can be held to the ear easily, they can also be propped up with a stand on a desk. Users can even link up a keyboard with the device, and use it to write emails or do other work-related things. According to Statista, customers often turn to phablets when they want better performance, larger displays, and superior cameras.

While phablets are not yet competing with smartphones in terms of sales, research suggests that they could be more popular in the future. According to Dominic Sunnebo, the global insight director at Kantar ComTech, consumers generally upgrade to a larger device every time they change. This trend suggests that in a few years, nearly everyone will be using phablets.

As mobile devices continue to advance, it would be reasonable to assume that they will soon be able to function in the same way as PCs. When this is the case, users may need a larger screen to be able to complete the tasks that they would have done on their computer. For this reason, phablets really could be the devices of the future.

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