Mtn Data Share: How to share Data on MTN With Friends

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If you’ve ever wanted to be able to use the same data bundle with someone else then you’d be happy to learn about MTN data share. Before we begin, I’ll just like to point out that MTN data share is different from MTN data gift. MTN data gift requires you to send a portion of your data bundle to someone while MTN data share allows up to 5 MTN users to use the same data bundle at the same time.

With MTN data share, you can add another MTN user to your plan and have the person use from your existing data bundle. It’s just like turning on hotspot for up to 5 people but in this case, the additional 5 users can be anywhere and not necessarily close to you.

how to share data on Mtn

For this to work, there are some kind of pre-requisites. First, you’ll need to have a minimum of 250MB in order to be able to share your MTN data. Also, not all data bundle are eligible to share using the MTN data share. A special list of data bundles has been made available from which you can choose from in order to be able to share the data. You’ll find the data bundles as well as their price, validity and subscription codes below.

Mtn Data Bundle, Validity Price and Subscription codes

Data Bundle: 375MB (250MB + 125MB bonus)
Price: N1,300
Validity: 30days
Subscription Code: *109#

Data Bundle: 750MB (500MB + 250MB)
Price: N2,000
Validity: 30days
Subscription Code: *110#

Data Bundle: 1.5GB (1GB + 500MB)
Price: N3,000
Validity: 30days
Subscription Code: *111#

Data Bundle: 4.5GB (3GB + 1.5GB)
Price: N6*000
Validity: 30days
Subscription Code: *129#

Data Bundle: 7.5GB (5GB + 2.5GB)
Price: N8,000
Validity: 30days
Subscription Code: *101#

How to share Data Via Mtn Data Share

Once you’ve subscribed for any of the above plans then you’re ready to share the data bundle with up top five of your friends. To do that, simply follow the outlined steps below.

  1. First, dial *131*2*1# or Send “REG” in a text message to 131. You’ll get a PIN via text message which will be used for the MTN data share.
  2. The PIN you get will be the default PIN which can be changed any PIN you want. To do that, *131*2*5# and follow the on-screen instructions or Text “Change Old-PIN New-PIN New PIN” to 131. Which means change followed by your old pin which is the default PIN and then the new PIN you want twice. For example, the text “Change 0000 2244 2244” to 131.
  3. After changing your PIN, Dial *131*2*2# and follow the on-screen instructions to add a number to the beneficiary list. Alternatively, you can text “Add Phone Number PIN” to 131 to add the number. For example, Text “Add 08033226775 2244” to 131. You can use this procedure to add up to 5 MTN numbers.
  4. Once you’ve added all the phone numbers you would like to share your data bundle with then you can dial *131*2*3# or text “Share PIN” to 131 to start sharing your data bundle. For example, the text “Share 2244” to 131.

That’s pretty much it. Instead of doing one small data bundle, you can pull funds together with friends and get value on the bigger data bundle then use it via MTN data share. Got questions? Use the comment section down below to get across to us.


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