Should Developers Begin to Have Bigger Aspirations with their Mobile Apps?


The mobile gaming market is one of the biggest money-making machines in the world, and the revenue generated from it in 2021 is expected to be at least $180 billion. There are three billion smartphone users worldwide, and 77 percent of Americans use one. With the rise of smartphones, a brand new style of games emerged. But as the mobile devices become more advanced and are able to perform more complex tasks, does the mobile gaming app market need to move with the times?

Smartphone games have become notorious for their simplicity, their addictiveness, and the fact that they can easily be played for short bursts and then put down again without much thought. This pick-up-and-playability has become synonymous with games like Candy Crush from King and Angry Birds from Rovio, two games which have made their respective developers exceedingly rich. The online gaming industry also helped give the mobile market a massive boost, as nearly every site now has a mobile offering as well as a desktop version. This is because these games have a lot of similar features to mobile offerings. According to wings, online gaming provide free spins on slot games as a way of enticing players, as these titles are akin to mobile games in their addictiveness and ease of play.

It’s clear that the mobile gaming market isn’t under threat at the moment, and could easily continue to flourish for many years to come without having to change much. But there is a feeling that mobile games should be moving with the rapid advancements of the technology and in turn, become more detailed and immersive. Looking at the way console games have changed since the early offerings like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. in the 1990s, to the open world epics of today like Red Dead Redemption 2, it would be reasonable to assume that mobile games will evolve in a similar way.

The iPhone was released in 2007 and came with either 4GB or 8GB of storage. Apple has increased this each year since then, and the latest model, the iPhone X, comes with 256GB of storage. This highlights just how far the devices have come in a short space of time. These newer models are much more powerful and are capable of running advanced games rather than basic mobile puzzles. Console game developers like Electronic Arts and Konami have already begun to offer their FIFA and Pro Evolution games for mobile, and it won’t be long before other studios start following suit. This will doubtlessly make things a lot harder for the smaller studios who have been able to come up with novel mobile apps in the past.

Developers who stick solely to producing mobile offerings need to be aware that as the platform becomes more advanced, the games should evolve. Though simplistic puzzle games are still well-loved, the mobile device is now capable of doing so much more than it could before. In 20 years from now, the mobile games that exist today will be looked upon as retro novelties, just as Sonic and Mario are today.

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