Cocospy Mobile Tracker-How To Read Text Messages on Your Child’s Smartphone


Parenting is tough enough without having to worry about who your children are texting on their smartphone. The reality is that there are so many deranged individuals who are communicating with our children via texting and as a parent, you cannot just sit back and watch.

Here is the thing though these kids are smart, and they know how to use apps to hide their text messages. They also have an innate ability to come up with very complicated passwords. The only way to go around the complicated passwords and the message hiding apps is to install the Cocospy Mobile Tracker. This mobile tracker has received quite a bit of attention from tech authorities like TechRadar,, Forbes among others.

With Cocospy, you no longer have to worry about trying to craft those cleverly crafted passwords, because it will provide you with a solution of how to read someone’s text messages without their phone free. Cocospy will allow you to review all the messages coming into your child’s smartphone remotely and you even have the option of downloading any media files that come with the texts.

Best of all, with Cocospy, you do not need to root or jailbreak your smart device; a feature that you will not find in any other mobile tracker. It is as simple as loading the program onto the device you are targeting, without physically having the phone or exposing it to malware.

So why should you read those messages

A large number of teens have access to mobile phones and texting remains one of the most popular ways that they communicate with each other. Parents need to be sure that communication is appropriate at all times.

We will share some of our views on why we feel it is important that parents keep an eye on the content the children are sharing.

Who are they talking to?

The rapid growth of technology has given everyone access to everyone else.  This easy access means that you never know who your children are talking with. The use of social media, where people exchange numbers freely, means that anyone can get access to your child’s number and start a conversation. It is therefore very easy for a less-than-savoury character to start communicating with your children via text.

As a parent, you need to see the kind of texts the children are exchanging with others so that if there is any cause for concern, you can address it immediately.

What kind of content are they exchanging?

There is content that can be potentially harmful to your child. For example, someone could be bullying your child or sending pornographic content via text messages. You could even find that your child is the instigator of some of these things. Having this information will give you an opportunity to appropriate action before things get out of hand.

Your child could also be having issues that you are not aware of and could be sharing them with other people. If you get access to this kind of messages, you can look for an appropriate way to address the situation without necessarily letting on that you have been reading the messages.

Arrest destructive behavior

Reading your child’s texts can give you an indication of the kind of behavior they are engaging in. If you realize that the texts are encouraging the use of drugs or the exchange of sex for money, it can give you an opportunity to set the ground rules for appropriate behavior.`

By monitoring the texting patterns of a child, it will be easy for you to know whether or not your child is getting addicted to the use of smart devices. You’ll be able to determine this by the length of time they spend texting other people, thereby giving you the chance to make tough choices like taking away the phone or setting phone access limits if you need to.

Why you need to use Cocospy Mobile Tracker

You may be asking yourself, ‘‘Why should I trust Cocospy?’’ The answer is really simple; Cocospy has gained prominence in the market because it is very efficient and completely legitimate; the millions of satisfied users cannot be wrong.

There is no rule book for good parenting, and every day you learn something new. Cocospy will give you a simple way of accessing your child’s device, and it does not limit you to text messages only. You can check what messages are coming in on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, among other social media platforms. With Cocospy you can save pictures, access the comments, media and links.

The GPS locator will let you know where your child is at all times thereby giving you peace of mind.

The use of Cocospy Mobile Tracker at the workplace

The use of Cocospy is not limited to your children’s phones if you run a company; you can use the app to review the co-workers’ texts especially if you think there is someone who is leaking important company information to other people.

Phone Locator

The two things that are always disappearing at the most inopportune times are; the car keys and the phone. Gone are the days of turning the house upside down looking for the phone, use Cocospy to locate your phone. Using real-time information, you will know where and when you last used the phone.

Final thoughts

The debate on whether or not it is appropriate for a parent to go through their child’s text is one that will drag on for a very long time.  The reality is that children know how to hide certain things from the watchful eyes of their parents. That seemingly well-behaved child could be hiding a lot of secrets, and as a parent, it’s up to you to take the needed steps to know your child better. One of the ways is to monitor what they do on the phone, and Cocospy gives a discrete easy-to-use way of doing it.

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