How to Track A Cheating Cell Phone With Cocospy


Nothing hurts in a relationship or marriage like being cheated on. It really hurts to see the one whom you gave all your trust and heart cheating on you.

What most people do not know is that once you get caught cheating, it becomes so hard for you to restore back the lost trust. What you need to also know is that it is so easy for one to satisfy one partner than several of them. More so, you risk contracting diseases like HIV that can ruin your life and also your family.

There are so many ways that you can use to catch a cheating spouse, thanks to technology. You can now detect and confirm your fears about your partner.

You can now track cheating spouse cell phone free with android and windows apps. Below are some of the ways that Cocospy Phone Tracker App is helpful in your marriage and relationship.

GPS tracking location

GPS tracking location

There are spouses who like going out in the name of going for meetings or work but in real sense they are going to totally different places. But with Cocospy Phone Tracker App, you need to let out all your fears and suspicions as you can use it to tell where your spouse is with GPS tracking location.

You only use the GPS tracking location to know where they are when they go out to those places they call ‘’seminars’’ or ‘’jobs’’. GPS tracking location is also important for tracking those spouses who travel to other states or cities and lie about their location.

Phone call recording

Phone call recording

Cheating spouses are always very clever. They will always delete all their call logs and incoming call recordings. They will also delete all the outgoing call records.  

There are also those who will be so clever to delete even in the built-in recordings. But with Cocospy Phone Tracker App, you need not to worry about that as this app beats them in their own game.

With this app, you will get all the numbers your partner calls and also the calls your spouse receives. This app will record all the conversations and put them in your phone. You can then later download them and use them against your cheating wife or husband.

Look at WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp nowadays is being used by most people to flirt with their friends and side lovers. With Cocospy Phone Tracker App, you no longer have to worry about that as with it, you will get to know your entire partner’s secrets which are done through WhatsApp.

Cocospy Phone Tracker App will take a record of all the messages and contacts your partner chats with on WhatsApp. The app will also record all the images, videos and even messages sent.

You will get all this clearly directly to your phone which you can download to use as substantial evidence to confront your cheating spouse.

SMS spying

SMS spying

SMS is still the most used communicating app as it can send instant messages. Cheating partners have become clever as they know when to send messages through SMS.

Some of them have even alerted partners whom they are cheating you with not to send them messages through SMS at certain times.

But with Cocospy Phone Tracker App, you are sorted as you can easily see all the numbers that send messages to your spouse and also those numbers that your spouse sends to. To retrieve those messages, you will only need to login and download all the messages which you can use to prosecute your cheating spouse.

Alerts and notifications

There are those spouses who are very clever when cheating. They have different sim cards which they use to cheat on their partners. But with Cocospy Phone Tracker App, these types of partners are beaten in their own game.

This app will alert you when your partner changes sim card and contacts who they call using that sim card. This makes it so easy to catch a cheating wife or husband.

Operates in secret

There are spouses who find it embarrassing to physical track their partners. Thanks to Cocospy Phone Tracker App as they can now secretly track their spouses. This app works silently and so you spouse cannot know that you are stocking on him/her.

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