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Traditional landlines are no longer the preferred option of companies, small business phone systems being far more affordable and versatile. However, when you are replacing a regular handset with a system of this sort, you will be presented with a multitude of possibilities. There are plenty of functionalities available, and differentiating between the features you actually need and the ones your business could live without isn’t always easy. While each enterprise has its own demands in terms of how they handle their telecommunication, depending on specific profile, there are some capabilities that remain relevant in almost all situations. Voice communication still is one of the most valuable interactions businesses have, especially companies with a sale profile. From presenting offers, to negotiating and closing deals, as well as ensuring an optimal customer service, telephony is critical for business success.  Here are some of the most promising features to look into, if you are interested in making some positive changes:

Call distribution

Your business might have different departments that can be contacted by a caller. Without being properly organized, your team will often deal with the situation of receiving a call from someone that needs assistance from another department. A call distribution function will provide you with the ideal solution here. This type of tool will divert calls to the right departments and help your company stay more organized. Call distribution is particularly advantageous for businesses with high call volumes.

On hold music

Quite a big percentage of callers put on hold are like to hang up quickly, if no further messages are being presented to them. Background music on hold can help you solve that situation, and reduce the risks of losing business due to long response times. On hold music is an effective tool in maintaining customer relations pleasant and productive. A soft tune played when your caller is put on hold will provide them with a sense of connection and care, it will show them your business values their time, and will respond to their inquiry in the shortest time possible. Customer loyalty can be perfected with this technique.

  • Improve your ROI – statistics show that music on hold works as an advertising tool, and it helps prolong the period of time the caller will actually stay on the line waiting for a response. A “silent hold” comes with high abandonment rates, which is certainly something you probably want to avoid.
  • Brand image – you also need to consider the way leads or current customers see your business in general. Playing a tune that sounds good, and skipping on advertising slogans people are tired of hearing will put the image of your brand in a better light. Through music, you are communicating empathetically that your phone lines are busy, and as soon as a customer service agent frees up, they will respond.

Make sure to choose wisely here. Opt for tunes that can convey the message you are trying to transmit. You have plenty of royalty-free options – a jingle specific for your business profile could be a great fit.

Cloud telephony solutions for international numbers

If your business functions on an international level, you might face the need of making phone calls to prospects from different countries. If you research the topic more in-depth, you will discover that the practice of appearing local when making a call can increase your odds of being answered. People are more likely to respond to an unknown number if the call is originated from a local area code, than they would if unfamiliar digits would appear on their phone. Nowadays, cloud telephony solutions give you the possibility of picking numbers from specific regions. When you are proceeding with a call, the caller ID that will appear will be a number from the receiver’s country. Search for a tool that can give these capabilities to your business phone system, and the benefits will not take long to show.

Live call listening and recording

As your business grows, it’s important for you to know how your team members are performing and if they are handling calls in an appropriate manner. Having clarification in this department will help you put together further training programs, if necessary, and prevent dealing with unpleasant scenarios, such as having a sales rep talking inappropriately with customers or leads. Use a live call listening and recording feature to reach conclusions in this department. This type of tool allows you to listen to your staff’s phone calls, live, without the need of actually interrupting them, or standing by their side. The calls will also be recorded and stored in the cloud, so you can access and review them whenever you want. Conversation quality will be enhanced, and you can correctly evaluate each one of your employees.

IVR system

An Interactive Voice response system comes with the prospect of you boosting in-house productivity and managing calls in a more effective manner. In some cases, the phone calls received could be handled automatically. What an IVR system does is to recognize a vocal response and play an automated answer suitable for the said inquiry. When the request of the caller is a basic, common one, taking up the time of an actual employee isn’t necessary and this type of function can reduce the amount of time your staff spends on the phone. It works great for productivity and, as a result, for profitability as well. Your employees will no longer waste time with less relevant interactions, focusing solely on core business activities.

Considering the importance of a great phone system for business purposes, in terms of maintaining customer service satisfaction, you should look into the features that support your growth further. The suggestions found here can bring to the table a wide variety of advantages. Starting from a music on hold service to improve call handling experiences, and up to an IVR system to reduce the number of calls your company is currently receiving, these are the functions you should think about implementing right now. You will notice for yourself the positive changes ensured.

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