How to Keep Web Apps in Sync


Technology can be a bit overwhelming at times. You keep hearing about new discovery this and groundbreaking, something that half the time you find yourself not understanding a word being said about any of that. While that is only natural due to the amount and nature of scientific discovery, there are still some things you should have knowledge of, because they will make your life much easier. One of those things is learning how to keep your web apps in sync together. Why is that important? Well, sometimes you need to move easily between different web apps without having to struggle to open and access each of them. This is why it becomes important to have some information linked between the apps you use, and this is how you can do it.

Decide which apps you want to link

How to Keep Web Apps in Sync

If you open your mobile phone, you’ll probably find dozens of apps. Some you use; others you don’t. And a few are more important to your business than others. This is why the first step to syncing your web apps together is determining which apps you want to link. You can link as many as you want, but why do that? There’s no point in linking apps you don’t use to ones that are important to your day to day dealings and priorities. So, narrow them down as much as possible.

Choose a service

After narrowing down your web apps to a handful, it’s now time to choose the web service that will help you commence the process. You need to also learn what you want from this particular service. For instance, Zapier is one of the most famous app syncing platforms out there, but it may not suit your needs. There are Zapier alternatives, but if you don’t fully have a grasp on your needs, this information won’t do you any good. Zapier on the one hand ‘zaps’ data from one app to another, adding information automatically to help you with your daily tasks. Yet, it doesn’t offer two-way synching features.

You have other options like PieSync which focuses on a more collective approach by fully synching data between all apps, which helps you work using all data in the different apps. This one works best for those who want to work with the same –– updated –– data in all their apps at the same time, and for those who care about successful data merging and duplication prevention.


You now have which apps you’d like to sync together and you’ve decided on a service. The next step would be customizing those apps in the web service. This means working on the interface and how data is transferred and updated, and so on. How you view those updates and when can be totally up to you. It all comes down to how you customize the service.

Data syncing between your apps is something important that can help you get more out of your business or even personal relations. Those small details you used to miss can now be caught early, and the automation of your entire data between different apps helps you become more productive in general.

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