Union Bank Transfer Code: How To Transfer Money from Union Bank To Other Banks


Union Bank transfer Code has made transactions very easy for Union Bank Account holders in Nigeria, with Union Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code, You can transfer money from Union Bank to other Banks in Nigeria on your mobile phone. After reading this post you will know how to transfer money from one Union Bank account to another through USSD Mobile Money transfer code, How to check Union Bank account Balance on phone and how to recharge your phone with Union Bank Mobile Money recharge code.

How To Transfer Money On Phone With Union Bank Transfer Code

Before you can use UNION BANK USSD Transfer Code on phone, you must have registered your number for mobile money transfer. Interestingly, the number you used when creating your account with UNION BANK has been activated for UNION BANK Mobile Money Transfer.

To transfer money from UNION Bank Account to Banks in Nigeria, Simply Dial *826# on your mobile phone and Follow the on-screen instruction.

It is that simple.

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Now that you know how UNION BANK Mobile Banking works, you can as well check your UNION BANK Account on your phone.

To get started, simply text Bal to 20123 and your UNION BANK Account balance will be sent to your phone.

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  1. Eugene scholastica says

    I have tried to transfer it can’t talking about limit increase… meaning what pls

  2. Obhasedo Barnabas says

    If i want to transfer money from my Union Bank Account to other bank through my mobile transfer, it wont show me the list of other bank i want to transfer the money to why? i have tried if severally it’s not working what will i do? I have activated my mobile transfer.

  3. Yahaya Audi says

    Pls help me money transfer code to enable send money via my account to somebody.
    Thank you .

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