What is Call Center CRM Software?


What is Call Center CRM Software?

A sophisticated call center setup is no longer about wires and slick phone voices populating a single room calling floor. Technology has advanced to extraordinary heights and so has the approach to calling. Customer Relationship Management software is making its way into the modern contact center as a technological solution to an age-old social problem: the more people we talk with, the harder it is to remember each person’s unique needs and perspectives. This holds true in all walks of life, and yet it is more important than ever to ‘get it right’ — so to speak — with each and every client.

About a decade ago, call center employment experienced a renewed wave in the United States. This was fueled in large part by widespread customer dissatisfaction with their call-in customer service experiences. While India and the Philippines may have offered an economic benefit at the time to companies looking to cut costs, in the long run, this approach was actually costing loyal customers — a much more important factor in long term success.

The turn toward high-quality customer service has led call center initiatives to train high quality agents who are able to handle a blended calling load and customize a tailored phone personality to the questions, frustrations, and needs of each individual contact. These ‘super agents’ are able to resolve a wider array of troubles that a customer may be experiencing rather than handling one portion of a call before transferring the client on to another agent that handles another field. By rewriting the playbook to assign one agent to one customer rather than the traditional model that has assigned one agent to one area of issues customers feel like they are actually being cared for rather than simply directed to ‘restart the device’ or some other stale, impersonal advice.

CRM is the software equivalent of these updates to agent personability, making for a multipronged social and digital effort to overcome some of the harshest criticisms that have fallen on customer service agents in the past. Customer Relationship Management software collates customer data from public records and previous contacts in order to provide the agent fielding any particular call with relevant data about the customer that might otherwise need to be collected — and likely in repetition. There are certain data points that must be collected for verification no matter the volume of an individual’s calls. When you call the bank to ask about your savings account, they will ask for your birth date or social security number, even if you are calling back after a disconnect. Other data like addresses or call history are important for a rep to already possess. With the dizzying rate of scam calls — one bold scheme saw individuals posing as IRS agents poised to arrest those with ‘outstanding tax debts’ — a savvy customer might even be wary of giving out publicly available information that they believe the rep should already know it.

CRM applications are not only phoning solutions, though. This software is applicable in a cross-platform format, meaning that online chat functions and even dedicated texting lines can benefit from the contextualizing data provided through CRM integration.

The call centre is changing fast, but the need for personable and smart agents who can understand the customer’s needs and concerns won’t ever go out of style. Utilizing new features such as CRM software takes some of this heavy burden off of your center’s reps and creates a streamlined and easy way to reference history for each customer so that your reps can focus on their needs with more attention than ever.

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