Taxify Nigeria — Car Requirements, Customer Care and How to Join


Ride-hailing services are increasingly getting popular in Nigeria as they offer customers a range of benefits, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and comfort. Taxify, an e-hailing service, is one of such companies operating in the country. If you are looking for a reliable source of income, becoming a driver at Taxify Nigeria is a lucrative way to achieve your goal as regards financial stability.   

What is Taxify Nigeria all about? What are their car requirements? How can I join Taxify Nigeria? In today’s post, we will address all these questions and other related ones you may have in mind.

Introducing Taxify Nigeria

Taxify Nigeria

Operating more like Uber, Taxify is an international transportation company that has a number of branches in Nigeria in different areas like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Benin city, Owerri, etc. To earn some income by becoming a Taxify driver in this country, you need to know the cars accepted by the company and learn about their other requirements.

Which Cars Are Accepted by Taxify Nigeria?

Below, you’ll find information on the kind of cars approved by Taxify Nigeria and other conditions:

  • The service accepts a Sedan or SUVs with 4 doors
  • The Sedan or SUV has to be in a great working condition
  • It must be spacious enough to comfortably contain a minimum of 4 people and has to be less than 15 years old
  • Taxify Abuja WILL NOT approve a car that’s more than 10 years old
  • Taxify Nigeria WILL NOT approve any 2-door cars or hatchbacks cars

Here is a list of cars approved by Taxify Nigeria.

If you wish to join Taxify Nigeria and need a loan to purchase a car, you can try any of these options:

  • Renmoney (up to ₦4,000,000 loan)
  • Specta loan (up to ₦5,000,000 loan)
  • C24loan (up to ₦2,000,000 loan)
  • Zedvance‌ (up to ₦3,000,000 loan)
  • Fint (up to ₦1,000,000 loan)

Ensure that you get enough information about these platforms on the Internet before applying for a loan. Taxify has recorded huge success in all cities in which it has launched since it commenced operations in 2016 in this country.

What Are Taxify Nigeria Requirements?

Having discussed the car type you must have to register with Taxify Nigeria, we will now look at the requirements and documents you need to have to become a Driver in the company:

  • A valid Driver’s license is required
  • All drivers have to partake in their driver training program, where you learn the Taxify service quality and become familiar with using the Taxify driver app
  • Prospective drivers must present the Taxify Insurance Cover
  • All prospective drivers have to pass the AutoGenius Vehicle Inspection

Steps to Join Taxify Nigeria

Once you satisfy the car requirements and other personal requirements and possess the needed documents, joining Taxify Nigeria is quite easy.

  • Sign-up on the Taxify website.
  • You’ll be asked to supply some personal details (like bank account details, phone number, email address). Make sure you change the area code to that of Nigeria.
  • After the service has received your application and verified it, you will get an email from them, containing an invite to their training, including info on their onboarding process.
  • If you’ve more than 3 cars, or even more than that, you want to employ for this business, you need to register on Taxify here instead.
  • The next step to take is to head to any AutoGenius facility with your car for inspection; you need to go with the car you intend using.
  • All Taxify Drivers must purchase the Taxify Cover.
  • To get activated as a Taxify Driver, visit any of the below locations that is closest to your state in the country.

Lagos: No. 63, Razak Balogun Str., Surulere, Lagos State. Working hours: Mon. – Fri, 9 am – 4 pm
Abuja: GCL Plaza, 38 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. Working hours: Mon. – Fri., 9 am – 3 pm 
Ibadan: 2nd Floor, 34 Samonda Road, Ibadan. Oyo State. Working hours: Mon. – Fri., 10 am – 1 pm 

Benin City: Ehanire House, No. 34 Akpakpava Road, Benin City. Benin. Working hours: Mon. – Fri., 10 am – 1 pm 
Owerri: No B49/B66 L’Arcade Mall, 14C Okohia Layout, World Bank Area L, New Owerri, Imo State. Working hours:  Mon. – Fri., 10 am – 1 pm 

You can visit any of these locations with your relevant documents, like your driver’s license, inspection report, and other necessary documents.

Taxify Rates in Nigeria

Taxify Nigeria rates vary depending on circumstances. The cost of a trip can be as low as ₦100 and climb all the way to ₦10000. The fare you are charged for using their service depends on a lot of factors, which include the distance you want to travel, the weather condition, etc. For instance, during an inclement weather condition (like when it is raining), or if there is construction along the road the car will ply, there may be slow traffic which could result in more time spent being on the road. Thus, you might need to pay more for the trip.

During peak periods, also, Taxify Nigeria may increase their rates. To get an accurate Taxify rate in this country, here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the Taxify app from the Google Play Store and install it on your phone.
  • Supply your address at the top, and tap “Set Pickup Location”
  • Specify your destination in the section, “Set Destination“
  • The rate you will be charged for your trip will be displayed next to the ride category

If you decide to change your destination after starting your trip, your price will change. Also, if you cancel a ride request after the driver is already on the way to your house or the pickup location, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

If you keep the driver waiting after they have arrived for pick-up, they may charge you a wait time fee. 

Taxify Nigeria Customer Care

If there is any need for you to contact the Taxify customer care number to make any enquiry or lodge a complaint, you can call 08021818881.

Dial +234-80-2181-8881 to call the Lagos Driver training center, or dial 08082515141 to call the Ibadan training center.

How Much Can You Make as a Driver with Taxify Nigeria?

Taxify will take 15 per cent of the driver’s income. For example, if you earn a sum of ₦10000 a day, they will deduct ₦1500, and the remaining amount is yours.

The income you can earn as a Driver in Nigeria depends on several factors:

  • Time of the day you prefer to drive (for instance, if you choose to drive during rush hours, you will make more money)
  • The number of clients you are able to get per day or per week as well as the city you’re located in
  • The number of hours you spend on the Internet on your Taxify app (for example, if you can spend more time on the app, you’ll earn more income)
  • If you are a full-time driver, you can make more money than part-time drivers
  • Taxify occasional bonus can also help increase your income

Thus, the amount of money you earn depends on your level of devotion and the system you adopt.

Lastly, you can generate an income of ₦100,000 on average as profit (after deducting fuel cost, Taxify commission, provided you have little or no car issues).

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