10 Best Offline Shooting Games for Android 2019


Are you a gamer that loves online multiplayer games that have high graphics, This contains the top 10 best offline shooting games for Android in. Here you will see the very best shooting games offline that you can download free of charge without any in-game purchase.

You must have played a shooting game by now if you are a gamer. Shooting games are by far one of the best adventure games you could ever experience. They are fun, intriguing and you get to kill some really bad people. Perfect right?

Shooting games are more than a gaming experience, it requires a high level of thinking and alertness. Trusting your instincts, knowing when to shoot and when not to. Generally, shooting games have to do with your mental awareness, and it improves your thinking in a sharp way.

There are so many shooting games on the Google Play store, but not all can be played offline. These are the 10 best offline shooting games for Android.

10 best offline shooting games for Android


1. Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty Heroes APK Mod

The graphics of this game is out of town, the first-person and third-person shooter game runs on both Android-powered smartphones and tablets with ease. In the game, you can fully customize your squad’s abilities and equip them before going for combat. This best offline shooting game allows you to play the campaign mode or survival mode, or build a squad for a third-person shooter mode. Call of Duty: Strike Team has a nice combat environment and coordinated gameplay. You can download all these games by visiting Google PlayStore Here

2. Suicide Squad: Special Ops


Join the squad, the goal is to kill or be killed, the journey is suicidal but you are ready to give your all. You will be leading a special task force to battle against supervillains. It’s up to you and your team to bring balance to the word, in this highly intensive game.

3. NOVA Legacy

In just a file size of 20MB lies this intriguing game with an entertaining storyline. The sci-fi FPS game has amazing graphics, immersive shooter experience. If you want to play the multiplayer mode, then you need to connect to the internet.

4. Deus Ex: The Fall

Another shooter game with amazing graphics and interesting storyline. The game works perfectly on both Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

The award-winning game tells the story of Ben Saxon, an augmented former British SAS Mercenary. Mr Saxon is desperate for the truth behind a global conspiracy threatening his life.

5. Critical Ops

Yes, it is definitely on the list, thanks to its neat graphics and captivating gameplay. The fast-paced FPS game needs your tactical skills and reflexes to fight against terrorism. Fight alone or with friends and bring total peace to the city.

6. Unkilled

It’s time to kill the dead, literally! Kill zombies over and over again in this fun game. In an apocalyptic zombie outbreak, are you ready to save the human race?

You can start the story by selecting one of the five unique characters, storm the streets of New York and kill Zombies.

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7. Hitman: Sniper

The Hitman game is also available on Android but in a Sniper version. With over 150 missions to complete and 10 different contracts to negotiate, enjoy this shooting game with an immersive Sniper experience.

8. Kill Shot Bravo

Just like the name suggests, you kill, shot and earn rewards with over 500 scintillating missions to scale through. Navigate the war zone with deadly assassin sniper weapons, machine guns, assault rifles and the latest military gear.

9. Into the Dead

You are literally being thrown into the depth of Hades. Fight the Zombies by shooting and killing them all, in an apocalypse. The game has some nice graphics and immersive gameplay that gets your heart pounding every minute.

10. Dead Effect 2

The new Dead Effect game is an upgrade to the previous popular shooting game and one of the10 best offline shooting games for Android you should get in 2018. The part 2 version has the latest Android/NVIDIA graphics, immersive gameplay and nice controls. Dead Effect 2 is far better than its predecessor, the sci-fi shooter game has over 20 hours of campaign gameplay plus more than 10 hours of special missions.

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