10 Best Stock Market Apps for Android


Having an investment in the stock market is a huge chunk of the financial planning puzzle for virtually every one of us. If you develop cold feet about investing in the stock market, a lot of tyros in the game also feel the same way, so you aren’t alone. An unassailable fact you have to note is, investing in the stock market comes with risk; however, when you approach the venture in a disciplined manner, you will soon find out it’s among the most efficient techniques for building up your net worth.

It’s a reliable way to prepare yourself for retirement or to generate some additional income. Thanks to technology, getting started investing on the Internet is all but a walk in the park. While foraying into the stock market could seem like a huge step, particularly if you are a neophyte in the market, with technology, you will find it much easier keeping tabs on specific stocks and the market in general. In addition to a variety of financial websites, you can track the market easily on your Android mobile device using some nifty apps.

Best Stock Market Apps for Android

Below, we’ve reviewed some of the best stock market apps for Android. A number of them are also compatible with iOS devices. With these tools, you can easily track the ups and downs of the market on a daily basis.


Developed by Feedly Team, this app is an RSS reader, connected to over 40 million feeds. The software lets you follow virtually all kinds of business and market blogs you are interested in, including the major players, such as Forbes, Bloomberg, etc. All these websites have mobile apps. The Feedly app, however, is much simpler, lighter, and contain significantly fewer distractions. It is an effective way in which you can get news from the majority of the sources you find enjoyable for stock market news. It allows you to add 100 sources across 3 individual feeds, and you can make an optional payment of $5 a month if you feel that is not enough. Upgrading to the pro version also provides you with an enhanced search and other additional features, too. And of course, the premium version won’t nag you with ads.

Download Feedly from the Play Store


This platform, which was last updated on July 11, 2019, on Google Play, is a vast source of stock market info, news as well as prices. A mecca for investors, it boasts more than 100,000 institutions across 70 international markets. Thus, Investing.com is one of the largest stock market applications available for mobile. The news is either sourced from Investing.com itself or from the global news organization company, Reuters. The app also lets you manage your portfolio, go through cryptocurrency prices, and carry out some other activities. You will find that its user interface is a bit simple for the depth and volume of info it provides. The free version contains ads, and you must sign up to get some of its features. Subscribing for the premium version will get rid of ads, and it is really not that expensive.

Download Investing.com from the Play Store



JStock — designed by Malaysia-based Yocto Enterprise — is a great stock market app that offers a lot of info. It has support for 28 world stock markets, majorly in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. JStock comes with 10 years of chart history, and even has more features and capabilities for the American stock market. Additionally, it enables you to manage your portfolio as well as dividends. The software even has a widget. While this could be a bit much for beginners or weekend traders, we were not able to get several other stock market apps that have as much info as JStock. Though its UI is a tad old-fashioned, it works perfectly. The free version provides you with every feature you need, along with adverts. The premium version sets you back by $3.99 per month and contains no ads.

Download JStock from the Play Store

My Stocks Portfolio

My Stocks Portfolio, compatible with Android 4.4 & above, is a simple yet powerful stock trading mobile app, developed by Peeksoft. It allows you to create and manage portfolios, check out stock market prices, and go through real-time stock quotes. My Stocks Portfolio equally offers a news section that has articles from websites, such as Yahoo Finance, along with other major finance publications. It has home screen widget support. While it comes with a variety of impressive features, the comparatively higher cost of the premium version ($15.99) may be a downside. But that’s a one-time payment, so it will help save you some money over time.

Download My Stocks Portfolio from the Play Store

MSN Money

Best Stock Market Apps for Android

Coming right up in our compilation of 10 best stock market apps for Android OS is MSN Money. It is owned by the US tech giant, Microsoft Corporation, and is a perfectly serviceable app for you as a stock market trader. MSN Money is, basically, a vast news aggregation service for different websites and sources articles from major media houses, such as Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg, Market Watch, Forbes, coupled with many others. In addition to this, it offers you a variety of tools, calculators as well as info for traders. It even provides info on cryptocurrency and commodity prices, such as oil or gold. MSN Money is 100% free without any subscriptions, though it contains ads.

Download MSN Money from the Play Store



With StockTwits, you can tap into the pulse of the stock markets & cryptocurrency trading on the go. It’s among the newer entrants as far as stock market apps are concerned. The software comes with a ton of info and intuitive design, making it another good choice you can try out. It includes a real-time feed of stock prices, an earnings statement calendar, direct integration with Robinhood (if you’re a user of this service), info on cryptocurrency trading, coupled with curated lists of prospective investment opportunities. It is also entirely free, and should you decide to hobnob with other investors, there’s a chat section.

Download StockTwits from the Play Store


This is a sort of a hybrid stock market mobile app. It is an investment service, comparable with Robinhood, eTrader, and the likes. But you can make use of this app as an investment service even if you are not a Webull user. It offers you real-time stock prices, portfolio management options, along with news feed sourced from Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. It also allows you to get some cool touches, such as a day and night theme as well as other nice stuff.

Download Webull from the Play Store

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance

This is a fairly powerful mobile app for stock market traders. Yahoo Finance covers 3 primary use cases. It lets you view and monitor different stock prices in your portfolio, and the tool equally offers you tons of business and finance news to read. It enables you to track currencies, commodities as well as all types of other info. Also, the app lets you sign in using your brokerage account and really trade stocks. While it has ads, it’s completely free.

Download Yahoo Finance from the Play Store

Stock Trader Apps

Stock trader apps are equally cool tools you can download and install on your device to keep tabs on the stock market. There are many large firms that allow you to trade stocks; we have the likes of E-Trade, Robinhood, Ameritrade, Fidelity Investments, just to mention a handful. Stock trader apps enable you to actually trade stocks and check out stock prices and other info real-time. The pieces of software have varying features and offerings, which make each unique from the other since you need to trade through one of the companies to get the best out their app. But all of them are designed to perform the same basic operations. You can learn more about these stock trader apps and opt for the one that best suits your style and needs.

Finance Blog Apps

There are different blogs and news websites you can choose from, covering detailed issues in the financial world. You already know a number of them but may not have their app installed on your smartphone or tab: You can try out MarketWatch, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, among several others. While each of those apps comes with a variety of features, the majority of them prioritize covering things that are happening in the stock, finance, and the business world generally.

In a Nutshell

If you are planning to venture into investing in the stock market, either as part of your retirement strategy or simply to generate some income, we have offered you the best apps you can try out to make the endeavor easier. Which of these apps are you familiar with? Let’s have your take on their performance.

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