No Sound On iPhone – See How To Fix The No Sound On iPhone Issue


Here is a simple guide on how you can Fix The No Sound On iPhone Issue. Not having sound on an iPhone can be pretty annoying, especially if you don’t know the cause of the problem or even how to fix it. Now, before you go asking for a refund or looking for a repair, you can try out these simple things we’ve come up with that might just restore the sound on your iPhone.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Fix The No Sound On iPhone Issue

Fix The No Sound On iPhone Issue

Check The Switch

The ring/silent switch on the iPhone is used to quickly toggle from ring to silent and vice versa. This feature is used for quickly going into silent mode when you’re in a meeting or somewhere you don’t want your phone ringing out.

Now, when your phone is in this silent mode, the speaker won’t work which is what might be causing the problem here. To make sure it isn’t, check to see if it’s in the ring-side and if it isn’t, switch it over to get sound on your iPhone. If that doesn’t fix it still, try the next method.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb mode is a very popular feature on the iPhone that helps blocks notification showing up on screen or even make a sound when they come in. When turned on, most sound on the phone will be turned off which might give you the illusion that there is no sound on your iPhone or that your speaker is bad. To eliminate this possibility, simply go to your Settings >> Do Not Disturb and Toggle it off it is turned on. Alternatively, you can pull up the notification and click on the moon icon to toggle it on/off.

Update The App

If you’re unable to hear sounds when in a particular or specific app then it is most likely a bug within the app or compatibility issues. You’ll need to check if there is an update available for the app on the app store and if there is an update available then you’ll need to update as that will mostly fix the bug or address the incompatibility issues and restore the sound.

Disconnect All Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth headset, speaker and others are meant to take the audio coming from your device to another output through Bluetooth connectivity. So if you have no Sound on your iPhone, it is possible all your sound is probably being sent to another source and thanks to Bluetooth auto-pairing, you might not even know it is paired.

Obviously, if you don’t use any Bluetooth device like speakers, headset and earpiece then this doesn’t apply to you but if you do, then you need to check if your Bluetooth is turned on and connected to any Bluetooth device. Better still, turn off your Bluetooth and see if the sound is restored.

Bad Speakers

It’s highly unlikely that your speakers are bad but just to be sure, increase the volume to the highest by going to your Settings >> Sounds and Haptics then increase the volume. If there is still no sound then plug in a headphone through the 3.5mm jack (for iPhones that have it) or connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth headset or speaker and see if the audio works then. If it works with the headphones and/or bluetooth headset then your phone speaker is most likely bad and would require a change.


Explained above are possible ways you can Fix The No Sound On iPhone Issue on your iPhone. You can also try to force restart your phone but I highly doubt that would change anything if the above solutions prove abortive. If you still don’t have sound at this point then you’ll definitely need to visit a phone technician to have a more thorough look at the device.

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