How to Install Windows 10 on Android Devices without Root


By installing Windows 10 on your Android smartphone, you can enjoy the best of both worlds as you dual-boot the two operating systems on just one phone. While taking this step offers you a number of exciting benefits, you must know that it also comes with some risks. For your device to boot Windows 10, it must be of robust quality. So, if it is old and is not fast enough, the Windows could shut the device down, and it will never come up again. You may notice that when you’re trying to install a higher version of the OS on a lower version of your Android phone. For instance, you are running windows 10 OS on Samsung Galaxy J7.

Another thing to be sure of is that you must have a sufficient amount of free storage space on the smartphone depending on the Windows version to be installed (which is Windows 10 in this case). You can get information on the minimum specs of any Windows version you choose to install on Google.

Steps for Installing Windows 10 on Your Android Mobile Phone

While installing Windows 10 on your Android smartphone is somewhat risky, as said earlier, it is not like you’re deleting your Android OS and putting Windows 10 in its place. The procedure can be likened to installing an OS into your Android mobile, much the same way VMware & VirtualBox work. In simpler terms, you’re installing the Windows 10 operating system on your Android and can use both operating systems (Windows 10 and Android) at the same time on your handset.

Before you proceed with the installation process, first back up your Android device should anything unexpected happen. Let us now cut to the chase and show you the steps to install Windows on your Android:

Step 1: You will start by downloading a couple of software. Download the Limbo PC Emulator as well as File Manager apps from the Google Play-Store. After that, download Windows 10 from the internet; make sure you only download the Windows version, which your Android mobile phone can handle. You can choose to have one of the following versions downloaded: Windows 10Windows XP or Windows 95. If you don’t have a fast Android phone, you should go for Windows XP; otherwise, you can install windows 10 or 95.

Step 2: The next thing is to launch the File Manager app and head to Downloads, where you will see all your downloaded files, including the downloaded Windows. Choose the Windows file and copy it to Current Folder. Then, take one step back to Sd Cards and search for Limbo file. Once the Windows 10 file has been placed in Limbo Folder, you should close the File Manager.

Step 3: You should now launch the Limbo app and press Load Machine to design a new machine. The next thing is, scrolling down and tapping hard disk A. Now hit the Open feature and tap the windows, which you downloaded in step 1 above. Then, hit OK. Ensure that you leave everything as default. You can change the windows settings if you choose, but you need to be sure the theme is set up as “not the setup”.

Step 4: Having taken care of the necessary settings and also selected the windows, the last step is to scroll up and hit the Play button.

You should now wait until the windows get loaded up to enter the windows. You have now successfully installed Windows on your Android smartphone without rooting it. Hope you get to enjoy a great experience as you turn your phone to an Android-Windows hybrid!

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