Importance of Software Apps To Construction Companies


Technological advancements within the construction industry have enabled companies within the sector to realize increased productivity in recent years, with this trend set to continue into the future, as more industry-relevant are being developed and published on app stores at a fast pace. Yet- some construction companies still hesitate to adopt such technologies, citing high costs of procurement and staff training. However, the long-term financial benefits of investing in various construction technologies far outweigh the costs of acquiring them. What’s more, you can leverage technology to improve site safety and offset labor shortages. If you’re still in doubt as to how technological advancements can be of advantage to you and your construction team, read on below for a detailed elaboration of the same.

More Effective Project Management

Whether its project scheduling, project data collection, or project progress communication to the senior management team; there seem to be a befitting software app out there for every stage of a construction project. Some of the best apps for construction project management typically feature automated timesheet entry templates, eliminating the need for tedious, time-consuming manual data entry. What’s more, this cuts off the possibility of conflicts with your subcontractors if you’re the site manager as there’s no room for erroneous data entry. Such conflicts due to inaccurate data entry tend to affect team cohesion, negatively impacting overall productivity down the line.

Improved Worker Safety

The construction sector has for long been one of the unsafest industries to work in. While federal policy updates in recent decades have gone a long way towards minimizing employee injuries and deaths at construction sites, it’s the industry-relevant technological advancements that have shown the most promise of redeeming the industry from its negative safety reputation- once and for all. By incorporating virtual reality (VR) simulators in staff equipment training- for instance- construction companies are more likely to end up with workers who are better equipped to handle their tasks without putting themselves and their colleagues at risk of injury. Such technology can simulate real-life workplace scenarios- such as working from heights- for more practical and realistic training. Wearable technology- on the other hand- is increasingly being used to improve site safety monitoring; with a number of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) product brands now incorporating this tool into their latest releases.

Addressing Labor Shortages

For companies with the financial muscle, acquiring robots to work within your prefabricated construction facility is one of the easiest ways to offset the human labor shortage that has hit the industry ever since the recession. Robots can perform basic tasks like bricklaying, to more technical tasks like monitoring the accuracy of the design of prefabricated pallets.

Facilitating Teamwork and Collaboration

Mobile technology and associated apps have enabled better communication between project stakeholders. For instance, with instant messaging apps like Whatsapp- a site manager can instantly communicate back to the senior management team at the headquarter office regarding any arising issues that are threatening to implement project progress.

Whether its robots working at off-site construction facilities to offset labor shortages, drones being used during infrastructure inspection for maximum safety, or wearables being used to monitor proper PPE use; technological advancements present several benefits to the construction sector. With future advancements expected in terms of software apps that can further improve efficiencies within the various stages of construction, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to ignore the potential that technology holds for the industry, would it?

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