Wapdam.com – Where to download Wapdam games


If you’re looking for where to download Wapdam games then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

For a while now, Wapdam has been one of the go-to place and source for free games. They had a lot of games for different devices and different operating system with a different genre of games.

They had online games, adventure game, sports games, arcade games, action games and a whole lot more. However, the site is no more.

Before the site shut down completely, users of the website were getting notified by their browser of phishing. If you don’t already know, phishing is a fraudulent practice of showing you a take form or redirecting to a fake website, tricking you to provide personal information like credit and debit card information, passwords etc.

This was what prompted users of the site to slowly stop visiting the website and started looking for alternatives where they can download Wapdam games.

Although Wapdam had one of the best collection of not only games but also wallpapers, music, videos etc, there are still other websites that come close in terms of games and other files.

Wapdam.com – Where to download Wapdam games

The best alternative place to download Wapdam games is from waptrick.one.

Waptrick has been around for almost as long as Wapdam and have built up a good amount of game collections to chose from. If you’ve playing java games for a while now then you must have definitely heard of Waptrick or even used them.

Waptrick is a great website not for games only but for other files like wallpapers, videos, applications, themes, song lyrics and many more. The games on Waptrick are grouped into different categories for easy navigation and also has a search bar at the top if you have a game in mind you would like to download. Game categories available on the Waptrick website are as follows;

  1. Arcade Games.
  2. Kid Games.
  3. Action Games.
  4. Racing Games.
  5. Movie Games.
  6. Classic Games.
  7. Casino Games.
  8. Platform Game.
  9. Strategy Games.
  10. Puzzle Games

There are still more categories available with more games on the Waptrick website you should check out. Almost, if not all of Wapdam games can be found on Waptrick. You can also check out of Wap websites like ToxicWap, WapKing or any other Wap websites for Wapdam games.

Note: Be careful while providing any details on any of these Wap websites as some of them have been known to carry out the fraudulent act of phishing your personal data and information.

If you have any other questions about the Wapdam website any other wap websites out there then feel free to leave us a comment down in the comment section below.

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