Best Soccer Games for Android in Nigeria, US & India


These are the best soccer games for android played by Nigerians, the US and India right now.

Unlike console gaming, football isn’t limited to just FIFA and PES, there are lots of soccer games in the Google Play Store right now that is definitely worth the play. These games will definitely keep you opening the app daily for more fun. Without further ado, these are the 8 best soccer games for android.

Best Soccer Games for Android

Top Best Soccer Games for Android 2018

1. Dream League Soccer 2019


We can’t talk about mobile football gaming and not include dream league soccer, this is hands-down the best European football and soccer game on the Play Store. Over the years, this gaming app has improved and are steadily showing FIFA and PES how to do it on mobile. Play with full teams in realistic stadiums, You build a team, make them good, and win championships. Simple.

2. FIFA Soccer

FIFA is the world’s most popular soccer game, it’s available on the Play Store with over 550 licensed teams and thousands of licensed players. It has one of the best graphics on mobile, with a lot of content and things to do. You can conquer the world alone, play multiplayer or online. The app also gets frequent updates with exciting new features.

3. Final Kick 2019

Just as the name suggests, Final Kick lets you take the final kick over and over again. It’s all about playing a penalty shootout and scoring, it’s very fun and easy to play as well.

Unlike other soccer apps that let you control the entire team at once, you just score goals on this one during a penalty shootout. The graphics is also epic, with lots of features like offline tournaments, online multiplayer, weekly tournaments, and simple controls.

4. PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

PES is known as FIFA’s biggest competitor in terms of soccer games even on mobile. This game is known for its amazing graphics, outstanding mechanics and easy controls.

Even though most of the big teams in the English Premier League aren’t licensed, the players are licensed and during commentary, their names are called. Apart from the usual team building mechanic, there’s online multiplayer, local multiplayer, and more.

5. Score Hero

The Score Hero is a very popular soccer app that has been trending on the Google Play Store for a while now. Just like the final kick, it doesn’t take much time to play and really a time waster. Just play each level and complete the challenges, with over 580 levels available. It also has decent graphics for a “become a legend” kinda game.

6. Soccer Star 2019

Absolutely, one of the best soccer games for android right now. The Soccer Star was built for mobile and very easy to control, just like other football games, you just need to goals. The controls are also very simple for you to adapt, the graphics isn’t what I’ll call top-notch but it’s really cool.

7. Ultimate Soccer

Ultimate Soccer

Another good soccer game on Android, it features over 1000+ well-known players with dribbling skills available as well. The graphics is pretty basic with an option for career mode, player training, and more.

8. World Soccer League

This is a football game that covers the world of soccer, it boasts of around 120 teams, 2,000 players, four game modes, achievements, leaderboards, and support for 15 languages.

The controls are very simple to operate and adapt, while the graphics is quite okay for an offline football game.


These are the best soccer games for android. These games will definitely help kill time as well. If you know any other fun soccer games please let us know below.

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