Best Android Launchers to customize the Look of your phone


An Andriod launcher is a major tool in smartphones. Android phones are used by millions of people around the world.

Most Android users are eager to customize their phone and give it a new look.

In fact, most people spend time customizing their phone so as to give it a new look. This is why customization plays a huge role in Android devices. You could install third-party Android launcher and change the look of your phone within minutes.

Also, there are tons of icon packs, skins and themes to spice up the beauty. Most times, some people install different Android launchers so as to know the best Android launcher to use on their phone.

In this article, I am going to show you the top best Android launchers you can use to customize your Android experience.

These apps come with great theme, unique icons that will give your phone a unique look.

The apps are easy to use and can be downloaded from play store.

Below are the best Android launchers


Nova Launcher-Best Android Launcher apps

This is one of the best Android launchers that you can use. Developed by Teslacoil software, this launcher comes with a customizable user interface, home screen, icon package, themes animation etc.

It is one of the best Android launchers with the smoothest touch available that I have seen. It is easy to use and only consumes 15MB RAM.

It is fast, efficient and light to use. It has over 5 million downloads in play store. The App also comes with a premium feature which you can unlock to have access to more features.



Ones of the fastest Android launcher with a universal search feature that allows you to search within your app from one place.

The Launcher comes with lots of features that will give your phone a new look. It supports icon pack which you can get from play store. Also, it has a wide range of home screen shortcuts and customization. It is free in play store.



Another amazing launcher that I have used. The launcher is competing to be first in the list. It comes with lots of packages.

It is a home screen replacement app which you can use in the customization of grid size equipped with scroll-able docks.

Apart from the grid size customization, the launcher comes with two scrolling effects; infinite and elastic scrolling.

In general, it remains one of the best Android launchers that I have used. With this android launcher, you can customize folders, icons, transition effects, backup and restore etc. You can get the app in play store.


As the name sounds, this Action Launcher is full of actions ranging from theme customization, icon editing etc.

It is one of the adventurous launchers equipped with lots of features that will help you to customize your phone.

The app comes with a quick theme feature that allows you to customize the layout of your theme as per the colours of your wallpaper.

You can download it from play store.


Google Now Launcher

This is one of the efficient and powerful launchers available on the Android platform. Although the launcher might be replaced with Pixel launcher soon, it comes with a lot of features.

It is one of the few apps that is updated constantly in play store to get rid of bugs.

It comes with Google voice search for easy surfing and you can also get some traditional widgets in this Android App. You can check it in play store.


There are some other good Android launchers that you can check in play store like the ADW Launcher, solo launcher, Buzz launcher, Arrow launcher, smart launcher, Microsoft launcher etc.

Above is the top best I have used. They are amazing Android launchers equipped with lots of features that you can use to customize your android phone.

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