2go Apk: How to Download 2go Latest Version

2go Apk: How to Download 2go Latest Version

2go apk is a popular mobile messaging platform primarily for mobile phones but can also be used on PC. With 2go, you can communicate with your existing friends and also make new friends through the different sections of the available chat rooms.

You can setup your profile by adding a profile photo of yourself, age, occupation etc so as to tell your friends a little bit about yourself. While chatting, you can also share pictures as well as other files through the platform. 2go is also Lightweight meaning that it will work with a host of android smartphones. If you don’t have an Android smartphone, you can still register and make use of the 2go application for BlackBerry, iOS, Windows and Nokia S40 and S60 (Symbian) Mobile phones.

Here, we will be walking through the process involved in Downloading the 2go application, setting up a 2go account and making use of the app to chat with your existing friends or make new one through the chat rooms available. Without further ado, let’s started.

How To Download 2go Apk

Downloading the 2go application is very easy depending on the platform you’re on. Simply follow the step below to download 2go for your platform.

  • ¬†Download 2go Apk for Android
  • Download 2go for iOS

If you aren’t using an Android or iOS device then you’ll need to visit www.m.2go.im so 2go can recognise your mobile phone and provide the appropriate 2go app for your device. You can also download 2go on PC by turning your PC to a virtual android through the use of an emulator like Bluestacks. Once you download the 2go app on your device, we can now go ahead and set it up then register.

How To Register On 2go

  1. After Downloading the app, Launch it.
  2. You’ll be asked to input your country and number. Input the required details correctly.
  3. If 2go detects that the phone number you provided has been registered before, you’ll be prompted to register for new 2go account, however, if that number has been used before you’ll just be logged in.
  4. if you haven’t registered before you’ll be prompted to fill a short form, do that and your account will be created and a password given to you. You’ll need to write down the password so you don’t forget.O
  5. once that is done, you can go ahead and start adding friends to chat with or simply head to the chat rooms to make new friends if you don’t have friends on the platform.

You can now Click on the three lines at the top left side to Edit your profile by adding a photo or also adjust the settings to your preference. Also, you can enable Facebook gateway through the settings menu so as to enable you to use 2go to chat with your online Facebook friends. Chatting on 2go is free however, you can access to some exclusive feature by using 2go credits which can be purchased. Got questions? Let us know through the comment section down below.


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