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3D Parallax Background Apk Latest Version Download For Android

Wallpapers on Smartphones are one of the most seen interfaces of the whole phone and can get pretty static or boring when you’ve been using one for quite some time. Wallpapers are also the first thing you see immediately you unlock your phone and given that an average smartphone user unlocks his/her phone more than 13 times in a day, you’ll most definitely be seeing a whole lot more of your wallpaper than you think. With that said, it’s normal to always spice things up once in a while with a new wallpaper.

Now, There are a lot of wallpaper apps on the Google Play Store that can be used, most of them are even free to download and use, although you’ll be shown some ads while you browse through the available wallpapers on those apps. On some wallpaper apps, these ads can get pretty annoying and downright obtrusive. 3d Parallax Background, on the other hand, is free of ads. However, it’s cost like $1 on the Google Play although we will be showing you how to download it for free here in this guide first, let’s get to know about its Features.

Features of 3D Parallax Background Apk

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  1. 4k Wallpapers: While other wallpapers provide theirs in the lower resolution that ends up being pixelated or blurry when you finally use on your phone, 3D Parallax Background provide High quality that makes your phone stand out and pop.
  2. Create and Share Themes: Asides from being able to download and use the high quality and resolution wallpapers, you can also create and use your own multi-layered themes with the app. Also, you can share the create themes to your friend or loved one’s phone so you all have matching themes. You can also have your friends send you theme if he/she uses 3D Parallax Background.
  3. Over 250 themes available: If you’re not in the mode to create your own themes, you can download or choose from any of the over 250 available and ever growing list of themes. Themes also get sent to the makers of the app to be included to the app so you if you happen to create a very good looking theme then you can send it in for it to be added to the app. New themes are being added weekly.
  4. Smooth & Battery Efficient: This app is very smooth and also battery efficient so you don’t have to worry about the app clogging up your precious RAM or draining your battery. Also, when an app is not in use, it is completely stopped and doesn’t keep running in the background. If you use a customer launcher like Nova or Apex then you’ll have the wallpaper chosen appear in your app drawer as well.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go ahead and show you how to download this wallpaper app on your Android device.

How To Download 3D Parallax Background Apk For Android

  1. Obviously, you’ll need to download the 3D Parallax Background Apk which can be found Here.
  2. Download and Install the App on to your Android Phone. The app weighs just 4MB which isn’t much and shouldn’t take up much of your storage space. You may also need to allow or toggle on “Allow Installation of apps from unknown sources” in the Settings Menu, Under Security before Installing the App.
  3. Once the app is Installed, you should see the app icon in your homescreen or app drawer if you’re using a Launcher. Click on the app Icon to open the app and you’re good to go. You can now start downloading high quality and High-resolution wallpapers and also create, use and share themes, all with the app.

If you run into any trouble while installing or using the app or have questions about this guide, feel free to let us know in the comment section download below.

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