5 Best Buy and Sell Apps for Android and iPhone

If you’re looking to buy and sell using your smartphone then you should know that there are lots of best buy and sell apps available where you can either buy or sell both goods and services. Now, there obviously a lot of apps of this nature but when it comes to buying and selling, you definitely need the numbers so if you are a seller, you’d have some many potential customers and if you are a buyer, you’d have lots of options from different sellers to choose from hence the criteria for this list here being majorly based on popularity. Without further ado, let’s get right down to it.

Best Buy and Sell Apps for Android and iPhone


eBay needs no introduction and if you have been on the internet for quite some time then you would have already come across the name. The site is a very simple app to use and gives both buyers and sellers an avenue to meet, chat and trade goods and services. They also have both new and used products on their website just in case you as a buyer need something cheaper or looking to shop in the used Market. As a seller, you can either put a buy out the price which almost other buy and sell apps have or auction it where you sell it to the highest bidder.


Letgo is another app worth downloading if you’re looking to buy stuff or sell them. The app has lots of users with over 10M+ downloads on the Google Play store alone which as a buyer opens you up to lots of potential customers and as a seller gives you more options to choose from. Just like the name of the name implies, it allows users to “Let go” of the stuff they no longer need or aren’t using through the app in exchange for cash. All you have to do is simply take a photo of what you want to let go, create an ad for it and add a picture of the item then wait for a buyer then chat, agree on a price and sell. Simply as that.

  • Download Letgo For Android and iOS

Facebook MarketPlace

Facebook isn’t necessarily known as a buy and sell app but it does have a small corner where it allows people to buy and sell locally. Now, you don’t need to download a separate app for this as everything is done on the normal Facebook app or even their website. The Facebook MarketPlace is pretty much like every other buy and sells app except for the fact that you don’t even need to leave the Facebook app to buy or sell stuff. However, not many people use the marketplace section to buy and sell so getting a buyer for your item seller or actually see things you want to buy might be a little slower compared to others.


OfferUp like Letgo also has 10M+ Downloads on the Google Play store alone which is great for a buying and selling app. It also has all the basics features of typical buy and sell app which includes the standard rating system where you as seller work on your reputation so other buyers can use this as a guide on who to buy from. Selling on the app is also easy as you can create an ad for the item you want to sell in less than a minute. You also get to chat with sellers within the app as a buyer. The only thing I would say is not okay is the User Interface. Not that it is bad but it can be better as that contributes largely to the user experience.

Download OfferUp for Android and iOS


5miles is among the Best Buy and Sell Apps. In fact, it is more than that according to the app and is a way to be a better neighbour by selling the items you need or buying the items from a neighbour i guess. The app uses your device GPS and your zip code to show you people in your area that what to buy what you want to sell as a seller or show things People around you want to sell as a buyer. You can register using email or Facebook and can also share your listing using Facebook, email and even Twitter. Like every other buying and selling app, you also get to chat with the sellers/buyers before choosing a spot to meet using 5miles’ SEAL ( Safe Exchange Area Locator) which comes in handy.

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