5 Best Christmas Apps for Android and iPhone

Merry Christmas Card Maker

The Christmas holiday┬áis almost upon us and with that comes the extra time we some much need/want with our smartphones. Smartphones are virtually phones with the apps you’re able to download to keep it lively. Now, there are tons of apps on the Google play store and combing through those apps in search for the ones to download this holiday season can be pretty tasking and time wasting which is why we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve come up with some of the best Christmas apps we think you’ll be needing this holiday season.

Best Christmas Apps for Android and iPhone


Netflix-Best Christmas Apps for Android

Video streaming is the thing right now and video streaming services are almost everywhere. Out of all of them though, I’d like to say that Netflix is one Best Christmas Apps for Android to watch all your favorite movies and shows during the holiday. Netflix comes with a wide range of movies and TV shows collection of different genres you use to catch up on/binge-watch those favourites TV shows and movies trilogy you’ve been wanting to watch. Either that or you can watch the loads of Christmas contents that will be added by Netflix this holiday season.

Download Netflix Here

Private NotePad

Private NotePad

Its Christmas and a lot of shopping will be done, for decorations, food items and various other kinds of stuff. Keep track of what needs to be bought or done can be pretty tasking and that is what you need the private notepad. With private notepad, you can write down what you need to buy and when you need to buy them so you don’t forget it. You can even write down your secret Santa if you have any and what you intend to get for the person. Things written in the private notepad can be locked with either your password, pattern or even the fingerprint scanner if your device has one. Private notepad is only great at keeping to-do lists, it also helps to keep the to-do list away from prying eyes.

Download Private NotePad Here

Wallpapers HD

It’s the holidays and you want to get into the holiday spirit/feeling. Buying house decorations isn’t the only way to do that as you can also change up the look of your smartphone wallpaper with holiday-themed/inspired wallpapers which can be gotten from Wallpapers HD that have a whole lot Christmas themed wallpapers in HD format so it looks good on your smartphone. Regardless of your aspect ratio, whether 16:9, 18:9 or 19:9 with or without a notch, there is a Christmas inspired wallpaper in HD for your device.

Download Wallpapers HD Here

Merry Christmas Card Maker

Merry Christmas Card Maker

If you are the types that love creating greeting cards, then Merry Christmas Card Maker is one of the best Christmas apps you should have. With its over 256 vibrant colours, it is the perfect app to get the right hue to your every imagination. There are different palettes and shades available on the app which let you embellish cards elegantly.

It also has undo options, which offers you more freedom to design your card. As it also works offline, you can continue to adorn your cards without any disturbance.

ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers

ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers

Zedge is also a good wallpaper app but their wallpapers are often pixelated and most times not in HD as Wallpapers HD. However, if you need the best notification tones or ringtones then Zedge is you go to app for that. Their notification tones and ringtones are of high quality spanning so many categories. These categories include comedy, country, animals, Pop, religious and of course, Holidays which includes Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday-inspired notification tones and ringtones.

Download Zedge Here



This list of best Christmas apps won’t be complete without adding a shopping app which is what most people mostly do during this holiday season and what another app to add if not Amazon? Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer with customers satisfaction in mind. Safe to say that if you’re looking to shop online, whether for a new Tv set, fridge, kitchen utensils, etc Amazon is your best option. There also going to discount sales, special offers and events this holiday period so you have to watch out for those so as to be able to get those things you’ve been wanting to buy a discounted price.

Download Amazon Here


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