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    Game Tools’ is an incredibly useful feature for gaming on Samsung Galaxy devices. Once enabled, it takes the form of a button that floats over your screen and can be moved about at will so that it doesn’t intrude. When you press the button, you will have access to adjustable features that will change how you game on your smartphone. Game Tools can minimise distractions and capture your highlights, making for an unrivalled mobile gaming experience.

    We take a look at a few of the features that make Samsung’s Game Tools a must-have feature. The usefulness of Samsung APK apps might help you decide if a Samsung product is right for you and not one of its smartphone industry rivals.

    Recording your progress

    They never believe you, do they? Those eye-rolling friends or co-workers who think they know it all, and never accept that you completed that level yesterday, with the poise and skill of a grandmaster gamer. Often, you just want to pull out your phone and show them, right then and there, exactly how you did it. And of course, you can!

    Game Tools lets you record yourself as you tackle all that is daring and difficult in the world of your favourite mobile games. Just tap the Game Tools button and select ‘Record’ when you want to start and ‘Stop’ once you have what you need. You will be able to show the naysayers at the office or your friends that you mean business when you pick up your smartphone, as well as having a quick and accessible option for recording gameplay so that you can upload it later to sites like YouTube or Twitch. You could even use the feature to create a walkthrough and show other players where they might be going wrong.

    There is also a Screenshot tool that takes high-quality images of your in-game progress, should you wish to create a blow-by-blow account of your success. Those friends will never doubt you again.

    Turning off alerts

    We have all been there. You are about to complete the level that you have been slaving over for days. Your hours of commitment and relentless screen-tapping are nearly at an end. But just as you walk up to the final boss…

    You receive an alert about something completely unrelated that knocks you off your game, and all that progress you made is suddenly for nought. Untimely alerts can be highly annoying to dedicate mobile gamers. At the same time, completely ignoring the outside world while gaming is probably a bad idea, as you never know when you might receive some important news.

    Game Tools has a feature that allows you to stop text and message alerts as you play, which can be toggled on and off. This allows you to not see irritating alerts when you are at a crucial stage of your game and to turn them back on when you are expecting to hear from someone. As the feature can be toggled through the floating Game Tools button, there is no need to leave your game to switch off alerts, and combining this with some of the other Game Tools features can really enhance your gaming experience.

    Locking the ‘Back’ and ‘Recents’ keys

    This one is a real usability bugbear! You get to a crucial stage of your game when the base of your thumb merely brushes the ‘Back’ button and you are swept away from the game back to the hilarious cat videos you were watching earlier.

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    Game Tools lets you lock your ‘Recents’ and ‘Back’ keys to prevent this from happening. Again, this feature can be toggled on and off from the floating Game Tools button, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the game, and you can focus without worrying about your wayward thumbs!

    Minimising your game screen

    Remember when you were a kid and your mother would come in to check that you were doing your homework when really you were playing computer games? Minimising the screen was the quickest way of hiding that fact without closing your game and losing your progress. You can now do the same with your mobile.

    If you receive an important message or call, simply tap the Game Tools button to minimise the app while you take care of business. The minimised game takes the form of a bubble on-screen that can be moved out of the way until you are ready to resume playing. The game will continue to run in the background so that you can continue from where you left off when you are ready.

    Conserving your battery life

    The bane of a mobile gamer’s life: the battery life icon and its ever-depleting bar. The last thing you want when you go to play your favourite games is to have your phone switch itself off. Many games these days also rely on constant internet connectivity, which can be a real drain on battery life.

    From mainstream titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile and Pokémon Go to suites of online iGaming options such as no-deposit games, keeping your phone alive during a hot streak is vital.

    Your Samsung Galaxy phone does, of course, have a built-in feature to help conserve battery life, but the Game Tools button has more advanced settings that allow you to find a suitable balance of battery consumption and preservation so that you can leave your power problems behind you.

    Game Tools is a genuinely useful feature on Samsung Galaxy phones. Other phone providers use gaming modes that may improve your experience, but are difficult to use and cannot be accessed while you are playing, with players having to switch between apps to change any settings. Samsung Game Tools is always there on-screen for when you need it, making it the perfect feature for serious mobile gamers.


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