5 Things You Should Do To Save Your Computer’s Battery

5 Things You Should Do To Save Your Computer's Battery

In this article, I’ll be listing the 5 things you can do to save your computer’s battery. Almost everyone has a PC these days and it has become a very important part of our everyday life. Most of us perform daily tasks on our PC, while others might use it for leisure, assignment and other stuff like a medical consultation, research, to video consumption, surfing and catching up with social media.

Inside our laptop, we have battery that powers them for hours. Sometimes we might notice the battery isn’t as powerful as it used to and we begin to wonder what went wrong. But if you had taken care of your computer’s battery it might last for a longer period. therefore, to help us preserve our PC battery, there are things we need to do.

Things you can do to save your computer’s battery.

1. Always Dim The Light

This is very important, dimming the light of your computer’s screen helps prolong the battery and makes it last longer. This will reduce the workload on the battery and it will make it lasts long before shutting down as well. Additionally, you get to protect your eyes from damage. You can increase it a bit when using it outside, but try reducing it when inside.

2. Don’t Over Charge

This might be a myth to a lot of people, but countless testings have shown that whenever you overcharge a battery you’re decreasing its lifespan. You should only charge moderately when it’s below 60%-70% and unplug immediately it reaches 100%. Don’t charge every five minutes when it’s about 80%-90%.

3. Get A Spare Battery

This is highly recommendable, getting a spare battery will make you switch batteries whenever one is completely dead. Because leaving a dead battery in your PC is really bad, but when you have a spare battery you can easily change it up when you have a completely low battery.

4. Disable Connections That Are Not Connected

Try disconnecting your connections whenever you’re not using them. You can also disconnect other devices linked to your PC that you’re not using. This is one of the things you can do to save your computer’s battery. If you’re connected to the internet through a cable, you don’t need to enable your Wi-Fi then.

5. Shut Down Your Computer

Try shutting down the Computer whenever you’re not using it. If you won’t be using it in the coming weeks try removing the battery as well, this will definitely improve the battery life. Don’t just hibernate the computer, it will still be draining the battery. Simply shut it down if you’re not using it.


These are the 5 things you can do to save your computer’s battery, doing the tips above will greatly improve your battery life. Do you do any of these? Let us know below.


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