5 Top Apps For E-Government


A few years ago, having a website for almost everything was the norm. With smartphones getting smarter than before, having an app has become necessary too. During the COVID-19 worldwide lockdown, the importance of the internet became crystal clear to the students, professionals, and even the government. For supporting e-governance, it is essential for the government to have all the essential apps available to its citizens. Creating the essential apps and websites for helping the citizen can help the government to become more trustworthy. Here are five types of apps that every government that wants to step closer to e-governance should have.

1. A tax-paying app

Taxpaying can be a daunting task and even more than a nightmare when it needs to be done online. Having a website for paying tax is all fine, but it is so basic that it should be just a tap away on the smartphone. An income tax-related app should provide all the information about the different services that the government is providing. It should have a tab to check all the tax-related queries and also a way to pay the tax right from the app. Imagine how easy managing the tax will be if one could pay it right when they are traveling without bothering to open the laptop. Such an app can also come with features to pay tax online. Got a fine for wrong parking? Open the app, enter the required number and pay the fine to live a worry-free life.

2. A digital storage app

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology should create a digital locker for the citizens where they can store all the digital documents like eAadhaar to prevent losing them. Also, having a digital space for the important document will minimize the dependency of the citizens on the physical promoting paperless governance. Additionally, such apps should also be able to issue and verify certificates. Once the documents are stored digitally, it will become accessible to the users right from their smartphones.

3. Textbook app

This app should facilitate e-learning for the students. The importance of having digital education was realized during the COVID-19 where almost all the children were taking their lessons online. The textbook app should allow the students to get access to the required books from their smartphones, laptops, and even tablets. Along with the textbook, the app can also support additional features like allowing the students to highlight important parts in the textbook or add their comments while reading a text. Along with textbooks, it can also support video lectures too.

4. An app to contact the police

When it is concerned about the safety and security of the student, the government should aim higher than just providing the citizens with an emergency number to contact the police. An app should be created that helps the user to find the nearest police station along with the route to reach there. It should also contain all the essential contact numbers of different heads. The app can be taken a notch higher by allowing the users to file an online complaint right from the app with the necessary details. A feature that allows the user to add an image whilst making the complaint will also prove to be very beneficial for addressing the complaints.

5. Scheme details providing app

The government launches many new schemes every year and not everyone is aware of all the latest schemes which are rolled out by the government. An app should be created that lists down all the newly rolled out schemes and the old ones with proper categorization. For instance, if someone is looking for a scheme for finance, they should be able to click on the desired tab to check out all the schemes listed out there like the Shadi Anudan which allows the suitable beneficiary to get aid for the marriage. Such an app will ensure that the citizens of the country can fully utilize the schemes which are launched.

These apps will surely also create a bond of trust and connection between the government and the citizens. It will help the citizens to get help when needed in a hassle-free manner and everything will be digitized which will also improve the maintenance by the government.


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