9mobile Customer Care Number & Contact Details

In this article, we shall be taking a look at 9mobile Customer Care Number and how best to contact and speak with their agent.

Formerly called Etisalat, 9mobile is one of the leading network carriers in Nigeria with millions of active subscriber.

The service provider has one of the best data services in comparison with other telcos in the country, including MTN, Glo, and Airtel.

With their customer service channels, which are always available for your use all day for 24 hours, offer customers a rapid response to any queries they may have. Due to this, 9mobile customer care has one of the most reliable customer care services in this country.

In recent times, when the foreign investors decided to leave the provider (a move that birthed the name, “9mobile”), most subscribers on the network carrier were thrown into panic.

A number of their subscribers even had to switch to other network providers. But with the efforts of 9mobile’s new management, the company is regaining its strength as well as customer confidence actively. Many customer promos and incentives are offered in a bid to attracting new customers, to enhance customers’ satisfaction and trust. In this write-up, we will outline easy ways you can use to contact 9mobile customer service.

How to Use 9mobile Customer Care Number

Just like other providers, dialling the customer care line to have a conversation with a customer care rep, directly remains the most preferred option of the majority of 9mobile’s subscribers. But you need to be patient for a few seconds or minutes to speak with a customer care agent because your call will be placed on hold for a couple of seconds or minutes before a rep answers it.

Follow the steps below to reach 9mobile customer care:

  • Dial 200, if you’re calling from a 9mobile phone number directly.
  • Dial 08090000200if you’re calling from another cellular network that is within this country.
  • Dial +2348090000200, if you’re making the call from outside Nigeria. It is important that you add “+234”, which is the dialling code of Nigeria if you’re making your call from any Nigerian network from outside this country.

How to Contact 9mobile Customer Care on Facebook

With around 1 billion users all over the world, Facebook is unassailably the world’s biggest social media network. Hence, most Internet-savvy Nigerians have accounts on the platform.

If you’re a Facebook member, you can easily locate the official 9mobile Nigeria Facebook page, and then state any complaints and queries you have. An online customer care agent will give you a reply as soon as possible.

How to Contact 9mobile Customer Care on Twitter

You can equally get across to the customer care unit of 9mobile on Twitter. To post your complaints or enquiries on this social media site, follow @9mobilengcare, and send a DM or a tweet to them. The 9mobile customer care agent on Twitter will give you a response in a couple of minutes.

How to Contact 9mobile Customer Care in Your Nearest Experience Centre

If you have some critical issues to solve, the physical presence of a 9mobile customer service representative might be needed.

The telecommunication company has erected Experience Centers in almost every major city across Nigeria. Locate the 9mobile experience centre (s) that is nearest to your location here. Bear in mind that 9mobile Experience centres are only available to customers on working days, from 8 am to 5 pm daily.

How to Contact 9mobile Customer Care via E-mail

You can also lodge a complaint or enquiry regarding 9mobile services by sending an email message to care@9mobile.com.ng. Your request will be attended to by a customer service agent in no time.

Highlighted in the nitty-gritty of this how-to article are different ways you can get your complaints or enquiries across to 9mobile customer care unit. These channels are easily accessible to all customers in Nigeria. This shows that 9mobile customer care service is one of the best, offered by a telecommunication company in the country.

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