9Mobile Recorded the highest Porting Subscribers

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has reported that about 15,253 subscribers migrated from other network providers to 9mobile, Nigeria’s fourth largest telecommunication company, in May. It could be recalled that the brand which was formally known as Etisalat has undergone a major overhaul and is now known as 9Mobile.

9Mobile Porting Report by NCC

This revelation was made available to the public through NCC monthly porting report uploaded on its website.

The Incoming and Outgoing Porting Activities of Mobile Network Operators Report for the month of May 2017 showed that 9mobile led the other four telecom operators in the mobile number portability (MNP) activities for the month in review.

NCC revealed that out of the total 39,535 porting activities in May, 19,816 were ‘Incoming Porting Activities’, while 19,719 were ‘Outgoing Porting Activities’.

According to the report, the brand recorded the highest incoming porting activity with a total of 15,253 telecom users leaving MTN, Globacom and Airtel for the rebranded telecom company.

Airtel had the second highest incoming porting activity with 2,597 subscriber migrations.

MTN was third on the incoming porting migration table with 1,245 telecom users while Globacom had the least incoming migration figures on the table.

The report showed that 9mobile also excelled on the outgoing porting migration table with only 1,826 subscribers of 9mobile leaving to other networks.

Globacom recorded the second lowest outgoing migration with 4,786 subscribers.

Airtel recorded 6,540 outgoing migrations while MTN’s outgoing subscriber migration was 6,567, making the network topping the table with the highest telecom users leaving the network.


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