Able2Extract: A PDF Editor That Has It All

Able2Extract professional

Able2Extract professional

When it comes to PDF editors, they come in different flavours. Some offer most basic PDF editing capabilities, while others allow users to convert their files to editable formats. Then there are apps and tools for merging and splitting PDFs, but if you want, for example, to add annotations to your PDFs, you need yet another tool. Rarely one piece of software offers a full range of PDF editing features. It is not to say that they do not exist though. As a matter of fact, Able2Extract Professional aims to prove that it is possible to perform various and complicated PDF edits with only one solution. So, let’s take a look at top 10 PDF edits that you can perform with Able2Extract.

Able2Extract Top 10 PDF Editing Options

  1. Add text to the PDF opened in Able2Extract as shown on this Edit PDF demo (just click the Start button to put it in motion).
  2. Delete text from your PDF
  3. Add shapes (vector graphics) and images (JPG, PNG, TIFF and even GIF) that you can further customize by scaling, resizing and rotating,
  4. Modify the style, size and colour of the font (fill and outline)
  5. Redact PDF text to protect (hide) specific information from the possible users of your documents,
  6. Able2Extract professional 9
  7. Move PDF content (for example, move a sentence or the entire paragraph to rearrange the text better)
  8. Delete entire pages from PDF
  9. Merge and split PDF
  10. Resize, scale and rotate PDF pages
  11. See all modifications as you make them (every edit is instantly visible)

As you can tell from the above, Able2Extract is a comprehensive PDF editor. However, Edit PDF is only one mode or option within the software as it is rather a full PDF management solution with PDF Creation and PDF Conversion modes both of which are packed with features just like PDF editing mode. Additionally, Able2Extract comes with integrated OCR technology which allows for extracting content from an image and scanned PDFs as well.

Able2Extract professional pdf editor

Thankfully it features a very intuitive interface and makes sure that you need only three clicks to create, convert or edit PDF (as you can see in the demo mentioned above). This being said, as you may have noticed, there is no mention of the ability to annotate PDFs. But it is not to say that you can’t annotate PDFs with Able2Extract Professional. As a matter of fact, you can make all sorts of annotations from adding sticky notes and comments to inserting attachments to adding watermarks.

Able2Extract image

But to do that, first, you need to enable PDF annotations panel found in the View menu.

Once you’ve done that, just make sure you are in a PDF conversion mode and you will be able to mark your PDF document opened in Able2Extract.


Able2Extract is certainly a full-fledged PDF editor that offers a myriad of PDF editing options. It easy to use despite that fact that it is a very comprehensive software.

The most obvious benefit for users, especially the business users handling sensitive, confidential documents is that it is a desktop software working directly on the user’s computer and does not send any information and documents over the Internet for processing.

The second advantage is that it performs a variety of actions on PDFs from direct PDF editing to PDF conversion to over 10 editable file formats including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD and more. Thanks to the advanced OCR technology, Able2Extract accurately converts even scanned and image documents to editable file formats. For document authors and creators, it offers the option to create PDF from virtually any printable file and additionally secure PDFs with passwords and control how others are using it (disallow printing, for example).

The third advantage is that it is a quality, professional software that does the job accurately and quickly.

The con would be that it is not a fully forever free app, but it is definitely free to try for a week. So, you can at least start editing PDFs for free.


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