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Phonecorridor is a mobile technology website that focuses on mobile phone review, Specs & Price Listing, comparisons, mobile App & Game review. The website was created on September 9, 2016, by Omotimehin Damilare. From that time until now, we have demonstrated the commitment to provide our visitors with the best review and latest mobile information.

Our aim is to keep our readers informed and help them to discover, learn and fully take advantage of the latest mobile technology innovation.

We strive to provide the best clear-cut guide, best mobile phones, apps and games and ultimately help our readers to choose the right device through detailed review, comparison and specifications listing.

Whether it’s Gadgets, accessories, Internet tips, mobile phone Apps, we will keep our eyes on them to provide the latest news and review. We have seasoned content creators that deliver compelling contents for this blog.

Phonecorridor does not sell smartphones, we only provide our audience with the latest review, news, specifications, pricing and comparison.

We currently have over 500, 000 visitors with over 1,000,000 monthly pageviews. We have over 13,000 Active Facebook fans, 5000+ Email Subscribers, 60,000+ One signal subscribers and 2600+ Twitter Followers.

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