According to Report, Co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei has left the company

Carl Pei

According to a report by TechCrunch, Carl Pei (OnePlus co-founder) has left the company to start up a new venture.

Carl Pei and Pete Lau founded OnePlus back in December 2013. Lau is currently the company’s CEO. Before the birth of OnePlus, Carl was working as a Marketing Director at Oppo (parent company of OnePlus).

Carl is said to have played a key role in OnePlus raise to world recognition due to his aggressive marketing tactics. It is without a doubt that OnePlus is one of the leading premium smartphone makers in the world today.

Due to his English fluency, Carl Pei is a popular figure in the Western markets. He often appears in launch events organised by the company as well as fan meets.

OnePlus is yet to release an official press statement to confirm his exit from the company. Pei’s bio on both Twitter and LinkedIn still as him associated with the company.

An allegedly internal memo sent to OnePlus’ staff has been leaked on Reddit. The memo list the company’s leadership structure and Carl Pei is missing. In list, it is made known that Emily Dai who is currently the head of OnePlus India has been appointed as the head of Nord lineup. Guess who was previously in charge of the Nord series? You guess right, it was Carl Pei.

The silence from the company so far might be as a result of a hectic schedule they have ahead. The OnePlus 8T is scheduled to be launched tomorrow while they will be looking to expand the Nord series this month.

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