Airlines ban Galaxy Note 7 phones after battery explosions


Three Australian airlines have banned Samsung phones from being transported due to concerns over the phone’s battery explosions. The three airlines involved in the bans are Qantas, Its Budget Unit Jetstar and Virgin Australia. Although they clarified that they have not been given directions to ban the use of the phone by aviation authorities, but did so as a precaution following the reported battery explosions of the device, they have spoken the minds of many.

The brand which prides itself on its manufacturing prowess is going through a period of downsize at present. They have sold 2.5 million of the device so far, and now the recall.

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battery explosions

The spokes men of the airlines retreated that although they do not have an order from the airline authorities, they have only taken precaution by telling passengers not to switch on their Note 7 or connect it to any charging port during the flight.

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As much as this whole saga concerning Samsung is getting worse than we think, we are glad no one has been killed
(yet), and we appreciate the actions the airlines in question have taken.


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