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Latest Airtel Data plan 2021, Subscription Codes & Prices in Nigeria

Airtel Night Plan 2019, Bonuses, Prices

Have you just got an Airtel SIM for yourself and you are looking for the best data plan on the Airtel Network Worry no more, as I will be discussing in full Airtel Data plans in 2021, the subscription codes, Validity and prices.

After buying and registering your Airtel SIM card, you can easily dial a simple code to know your Airtel number before you starting subscribing to any plan

Airtel Nigeria is one of the largest telecoms in Nigeria offering cheap data plans, affordable tariff plans and other exciting offers such as bonuses and reward programs to its subscribers.

As an Airtel Subscriber, you can add your family friends to your airtel network. You can share your Airtel data and airtime with them in case they run out of data and Airtime.

Also, you can easily borrow data from Airtel if you don’t have airtime to purchase data. You can always pay later when you have the money.

It is, therefore, no surprise that many people are joining the Airtel network in order to enjoy some of these benefits.

Airtel Data Plan 2021, Codes for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Laptop

Latest Airtel Data plans for Android, iPhone, Blac

There are many data offers from Airtel that one can subscribe to. Whether you are using an Android phone, a Blackberry device or an iPhone, there are latest Airtel data plans 2021 that can be used on smartphones and PC.

How do I subscribe to Airtel data?

Airtel has many data plans for its subscribers. There are daily or weekly plans, monthly plans, Mega Plans, Social Plans, Instagram Bundles and 4G Plans

Below you get all the codes for Airtel Data plans of your choice and how you can subscribe to any one of them.

We will show you the code to subscribe to any of these plans, their validity and prices.

Airtel daily and Weekly plans

1. Airtel 75MB For N100 Naira: With just #100 you will 75MB data which valid for 24 hours.

To subscribe for Airtel 30MB of data that costs just N100 Naira, just dial the code *141*100# 

2. Airtel 200MB for N200 Naira: With just #200 you will get 200MB of Airtel data which valid for 3 days.

To subscribe to the Airtel 100MB data plan,  Dial the code*141*200# 

3. Airtel 350MB for N300 Naira: With N300 you will 350MB of data which valid for 7 days. Dial *141*300#  to subscribe.

4. Airtel 750MB for N500 Naira: With just #500 you will get 500MB of Airtel data which valid for 14 days. Dial *141*500# to subscribe

[table id=70 /]

Airtel Monthly Data Plan

This plan has a validity of 30 days and they cost between N1000 to N4000. The Data allowance is between 1.5GB of data to 7.5GB of Data.

Below are the codes to subscribe to Airtel Monthly internet plan

[table id=71 /]

1. Airtel 1.5GB for N1,000 Naira: With #1000 you will get 1.5GB of Airtel Nigeria data which is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to this plan, dial *141*1000# 

2. Airtel 2GB for N1,200 Naira: With N1,200 you will get 2GB Airtel data bundle which is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to this plan, dial *141*1200# 

3. Airtel 3GB for N1,500: Airtel Nigeria gives you 3GB data for N1,500 which is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to this plan, dial *141*1500# 

4. Airtel 7GB for N2,000: Airtel Nigeria gives you 3.5GB of data for N2,000 which is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to this plan, dial *141*2000# 

5. Airtel 9GB for N2,500: With N2500, you will get 4.5GB normal data + 1GB Night of data [ usable between 1 AM to 7 AM daily ] which is valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to this plan, dial *141*2500# 

6. Airtel 12GB for N3,000: This plan gives you 5.5GB normal data+ 1GB Night of data usable between 1 AM to 7 AM daily for N3000. The validity is for 30days.

To Subscribe to this plan, dial *141*3000# 

7. Airtel 24GB for N4,000: This plan offers 7.5GB of normal data + 2GB Night of data that is usable between 1 AM to 7 AM daily. The validity of this plan is for 30 days.

To subscribe to this plan, dial *141*4000# 

Airtel Mega Packs Plan

Are you a heavy internet user? then this plan is for you. The airtel megapacks are designed for the heavy data users that people who do lots of streaming, downloads on their devices.

The plans also have a validity of 30days and the price ranges from N5,000 to N20,000 Naira.

Let’s us show you how you can subscribe to this plan one after the other.

[table id=72 /]

Data Plans In Nigeria

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  3. Airtel Red hot data plan Promo; 1.5GB for N500

How to subscribe to Airtel Social Media Plans

Airtel Social Media plan

Airtel social plans are plans which can be used strictly for on social media e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • Airtel WhatsApp (WTF) Plan– This is a 10MB WhatsApp plan and it lasts for 1 day. To subscribe Dial *948*4# and it costs N25.

The other plans can be seen on this table below

[table id=73 /]

Airtel 4G Data Plans

Airtel 4G data plans are special data plans that are meant to be used on Airtel routers. This is done in order to deliver superfast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage.

The 4G Airtel plans have been locked to Airtel Routers on 4G network, this means that the data cannot be used outside of Airtel 4G coverage area.

There are various data offers under the Airtel 4G data plans, there is the plan for N5000, N10,000, N15,000 and N20,000. The data allowance is 10GB, 30GB, 60GB and 120GB of data respectively.

The good thing about the 4G plan is that you can use them on all devices-be it Android, iPhone or Laptop. They all have a 30-day validity period.

Below is the list of Airtel 4G plans, their prices and how you can subscribe to any one of them

[table id=74 /]

How to subscribe to Airtel Night and Weekend plans for 2021

These Airtel data bundles can only be used at a specific time, weekends and during the night. So it might not be for everybody.

What is the code for Airtel Night Plan?

Below are the various code for Airtel Night Plans and weekend plans

Check all the current plans below.

  • 30mins TIME -BASED plan – This is an unlimited data plan which validity is just 30 mins. It costs #300. To subscribe, Dial *439*3#
  • 60min TIME- BASED plan– This is an unlimited data plan which validity is for 60 mins. It costs #500.  To subscribe, Dial *439*4#
  • Airtel Unlimited NIGHT Plan– If you are productive in the night between 12am-5.59am, this might just be the right airtel data plan for you. It’s an unlimited plan and it costs #1,000. Dial *481*2# 
  • WEEKEND BUNDLE 200MB data– This weekend plan works between 12 am on Saturday to 12 PM on Sunday. You will get 200MB #200. To subscribe, Dial *472#. 
  • WEEKEND BUNDLE 500MB data– This is another Airtel weekend but here you get 500MB #500. It’s usable between 12 am Saturday to 12 pm on Sunday. Dial

How to Check Your Airtel data Balance

It is very easy to check your Airtel data account balance. You can do this by just dialling the code *223# or *140# to check your balance, it’s that simple.

There you have it the latest Airtel data plans for 2021. Hope the article was able to help you find the desired Airtel plan of your choice?

You can always contact and Airtel Customer care in case you need to make any enquiry about the latest Airtel data plan.

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