Airtel Nigeria launches first 4G LTE

Airtel Nigeria launches first 4G LTE service in Ibadan

Airtel Nigeria just became the latest network provider to finally join the 4G LTE family. This is coming a year after all other network providers already have deployed 4G internet across Nigeria. Interestingly, Airtel chose to celebrate the launch in Ibadan. Meaning the 4G LTE service will be available first in the largest city in West Africa.

Airtel Nigeria launches first 4G LTE service in Ibadan

According to Airtel CEO, Segun Ogunsanya who made the announcement yesterday in an event in Ibadan. He said their 4G LTE service will be rolling out to other states like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and others in the coming months. Remember Smile launched their 4G LTE service first in Ibadan as well, seems there might be something special about the state.

Nevertheless, I think Network providers love testing out their 4G LTE network in less populated cities. Ibadan is the largest city in terms of land mass but not in population, so it’s very safe to test run it there. Airtel subscribers living in Ibadan can now visit their closest Airtel retail outlets and request for a sim swap. If you don’t have an Airtel sim in Ibadan, you can also purchase one with 4G LTE.

Just walk into any Airtel retail store or office in Ibadan and buy the sim. Once you do, you will get 4GB of data plus an additional 25% data bonus, for the next three months, for plans above N500. Do you live in Ibadan? Have you gotten your 4G LTE sim? Let us know.

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