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Airtel SelfCare and How to Contact Their Customer Care Agent


Airtel Nigeria has gained prominence and a high degree of acceptability among the four major network providers in Nigeria. This can partly be due to its cheap data plans, fast and reliable internet services, thus making the number of subscribers to have grown significantly over the years. This is a reflection of the rapid rise in daily subscription to the network.

Also, most of the network subscribers are deeply in need of first-hand, authentic and relevant info on the network, the packages on offer and how to stay up-to-date with the latest developments. It’s such info that best explains the requirements for Airtel customer care service.

Airtel customer care provides info on inquiries related to data plans, new offers, how to connect to the network, and so on. It also answers calls of users looking to get updates on their tariffs plans, available bonuses, and their subscription status.

S, you can relate directly with an Airtel agent to have your concerns taken care of fast. They will address your complaints with reliable responses.

Airtel SelfCare Nigeria Customer Care Line

Airtel customer care line is seen as the most convenient and quickest way of lodging complaints or making inquiries about the network services. However, as it is with every other service provider, you will need to be a bit patient. This is because customer care lines place you on hold for a couple of minutes before answering your call.

To reach the customer service care of Airtel the following steps will be followed;

  • In case you are calling from your Airtel line directly, dial 111 or 121. After dialling the 111 helplines, you will be offered some options to choose from in accordance with your needs.
  • Dial 08021500111 or 08021500121 to have your complaints addressed. This option is for those calling from a number other than Airtel, and this is applicable to Nigeria.
  • Users calling from outside Nigeria can also reach Airtel customer care by dialling +2348021500111 or +2348021500121.

Note, all these numbers are toll-free and can be accessed anytime. Airtel customer care can also be contacted via their official website. The links to follow to each of the social media platforms and website are given below.

How to Contact Airtel SelfCare on Social Media

This social media era further facilitates Airtel customer care to be reached easily and immediately via Facebook, which is the largest plat form out there.

You only need to state your complaint or inquiries in the message box provided on their Facebook page and wait for a response from their online representative. Click here to continue. Airtel users can also make inquiries or complaints on Twitter.

Click here to follow and tweet at them accordingly.

Other Ways to Contact Airtel SelfCare Customer Care

  • You can walk up to any Airtel service centre or offices closest to you in case you aren’t satisfied with your service request, either on the social media platform or via mobile phone. Click here to access the nationwide Airtel offices.

Use of Feedback Form

  • You can lodge your complaints or inquiries by making use of the Feedback form. This can be obtained and submitted on the official website of Airtel Nigeria.

Use of E-mail Contact

  • E-mail is also a way to communicate with Airtel Nigeria. Being one of the oldest media options, it is known to be reliable and a quick means to tender your complaints to Airtel. Click here to send Airtel a message and wait for a reply from their representative.

That is all the details you need to know about contacting the Airtel customer care agent to resolve your issues fast.




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