All possible ways to use a VPN (test to know if you really need it)


    If you’re an internet user, you may have already heard about Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and might even already be using one. But even if VPNs are new to you, there are many ways in which using one can benefit you greatly as you go about your online life.

    Arguably, the most common reason for using a VPN is to protect yourself from one of the many online threats that lurk around almost every corner of the internet. But as you’ll find out throughout the following article, there are also many other reasons to consider using a VPN. This includes bypassing geo-restrictions on streaming services such as Netflix.

    Whatever your reason for wanting to use a VPN is, you might be left wondering whether it is a worthwhile investment or not. If that’s the case, simply continue reading as we take a closer look at the most common features of VPNs that have made them so incredibly popular in recent years.

    Bypass geo-restrictions

    In the digital age, the huge number of websites and services using geo-restrictions is a source of frustration for many people around the world, as it means that they cannot access the content they want due to their geographical location. Thankfully, a VPN is the perfect solution to this problem, as it allows you to connect to a server in a country of your choosing, after which you can access all the content you want totally unrestricted.

    So, if you’re looking to access the US version of Netflix but are located within the UK, you can do just that by using a VPN. Similarly, you can access a website meant for an American audience from outside the country, should you desire.

    Protect yourself against cybercrime

    According to the 2017 Official Annual Cybercrime Report, damages caused by cybercrime are expected to exceed a staggering $6 trillion – emphasizing that internet users of all kinds have a huge problem on their hands. This is where a VPN becomes an invaluable tool for both businesses and personal users alike, with encrypted web traffic ensuring that private data can be kept well away from any opportunist thieves.

    Plus, in any instance where you find yourself using an open public WiFi network, a VPN will undoubtedly make all the difference where your online safety and security is concerned. So, if you need to access or share any sensitive company files, input payment details, or enter passwords while on the move, you should always connect to a VPN first to prevent such information being intercepted by hackers in locations such as coffee shops, malls, and other public locations.

    Browse the web without leaving a trail

    If you are a business looking to perform research on your competitors, you risk being blocked from accessing certain websites if your IP address is visible for all to see. Using a VPN makes this issue a thing of the past, as your true IP address will be masked. In turn, this allows you to perform work tasks with complete anonymity and ensures peace of mind knowing that you cannot be tracked.

    What’s more, the fact that Google knows pretty much everything about its users is somewhat worrying for many people across the globe, despite their services being free and convenient to use. If this is particularly concerning to you, then it’s time to take control of your privacy settings by using a VPN – the perfect way to prevent Google from tracking your every move.

    Mask your location and prevent snooping

    While you should always remain vigilant of potential cyber threats, another thing to be concerned about is any other prying eyes such as your ISP or the authorities who have a tendency to keep track of your internet usage.

    What’s more, if you live in or are visiting a country that has a strict stance when it comes to internet censorship such as China, you should always consider using a VPN. If you do just that, you’ll be able to protect yourself online, access blocked websites, and use P2P services with complete peace of mind.


    By this point, it should be clear to you that a VPN is so much more than a tool solely used to protect your private data, with many other features to utilize when using one of many services available on the market. So, now that we’ve covered all the possible ways to use a VPN, you should be able to make an informed decision on whether or not to invest in one.

    But in the event that you do decide to purchase a VPN subscription, just be aware that not all VPNs are created equal. Therefore, it’s well worth doing your research beforehand to ensure that the service you are purchasing ticks all the boxes with regard to your personal needs.


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