Android 9 Pie Goes official, Top Best Features You Need to Know

install Android 9.0 Pie Beta on Google Pixel

Google has announced its newest smartphone operating system and it will be called Android 9 Pie. The update is no longer in beta and is ready to roll out to Pixel and Essential smartphones. People using any of the Pixel phones and PH-1 should receive the update today. Smartphones from other OEMs should get the update before the end of the year.

Android 9 Pie Best Features

This is an update to last year Oreo which is on most of the devices released this year. The new Android 9 Pie comes with lots of quality features, one of it being AI, it uses machine learning to make your phone smarter.

Adaptive Battery and Brightness

Phones with Android 9 Pie gets “Adaptive Battery”, this helps you figure out which apps you use less and cuts off resources to them to make your battery last longer.

Adaptive battery and brightness

Another feature is called Adaptive Brightness, this will automatically adjust the display brightness to your current location. Factoring the time of the day and what you are doing on the device.

Slices and App actions

Android Pie can now predict what your next actions on an app will be. Especially if they are apps you use often. Once Android P detects what you do most on your phone like playing a song or calling your mom, it will suggest you want to call your mom when you on your phone contact or resume playing the last song you were playing once you connect a pair of headphones.

app actions android p

Slices automatically allow apps to insert themselves into your searches so you can perform a task quicker. For example, whenever you search for anything in the Google app like “Lyft”, Lyft will show automatically show a Slice with options.

It’s either you go Home or Work and you can tap those to quickly request a cab to those locations. There’s App Action, this inserts quick actions within the app launcher at certain times of the day based on your activities.

Navigation Overview and Smart Notification

The Android 9 Pie ditches the three buttons at the bottom and replaced them with just two. There’s an Overview mode being invoked by simply swiping up from the bottom in any app. With the new design, you can easily access recently used apps which of course helps make multitasking a lot easier.

Of course, notifications have also been updated. There’s now new circular icons and expanded previews for messages with smart reply options.

Android 9.0 Notification

Support for Notch Display

With the official launch of the Android Pie, you don’t have to worry much about top Notch as this latest version of Android supports this out of the box. It helps you to take full advantage of the latest edge-to-edge screens through display cutout.

Android pie cutout

This means apps support for Notch cutout is now is seamless, with the system managing status bar height to separate your content from the cutout. You can as well hide the notch if you hate it.

Privacy for users

 Many people have been clamouring for enhanced security for Android users. Now with the new Android 9 Pie, users are safeguarded in several ways. By default, access to mic, camera, and other sensitive parts of your device are now restricted.

Do Not Disturb improvements

You know how frustrating when you get all kinds of annoying notifications when you at home trying to be creative and focus. Now you can permanently activate Do Not Disturb feature, which means no pings, vibrations or notifications.

Screenshot improvements

Guess how you will be taking screenshots on Android P? it is just by long pressing and holding the power button. A shortcut will appear on your screen and from there before you save your screenshot, you can quickly edit and annotate it.

Digital Wellbeing

After introducing the new operating system, Google also stressed that devices with the OS will receive the Digital Wellbeing features. If you are addicted to your phone, Android Pie digital wellbeing wants to make the time you spend on your phone more productive.

A dashboard collects stats like how many times you unlock your phone, how much time you spend on particular apps and how many notifications you’re getting. This is to help you modify the time you spend using your phone.

There will also be a Wind Down that switches on Night Light and Do Not Disturb mode. The new update brings several security improvements and amazing features. Google Pixel and Essential PH-1 owners can check their phones system updates for the Android 9 Pie. While devices that participated in the Beta program from Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential, as well as all qualifying Android One devices, will receive the update by the end of this fall.

Source: Via, Image Credit: Google


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