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Asos to Nigeria Delivery: Complete Guide on how to order from Asos to Nigeria

Asos to Nigeria Delivery_ Guide on how to order from Asos to Nigeria

If you’re here then you’ve most likely stumbled upon the ASOS website and would like to know how you can order for goods on the website and have it delivered down here to Nigeria. For those who don’t know, ASOS is a British fashion and cosmetic store which was founded in 2000 and is based in London. The store which is aimed at young people ships to over 200 countries which Nigeria is part of and has fulfilment centres across the UK, US and Europe. The name ASOS which means AsSeenOnScreen literally translates to you get what you saw on screen and do they have some really nice fashion items.

ASOS TO Nigeria: All That You Need To Know

Asos to Nigeria

ASOS has a lot of fashion products that are really inexpensive and with their usual discounts that can see some items have up to 50% off at its price, this makes ASOS one of the best online stores to shop from when it comes to fashion products.

They also have an Android and iOS app available on their respective stores: Google Play store for Android and Apple App store for iOS which makes shopping a lot easier and feels more personalised. All products on the store are of high quality and you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth while shopping on the store.

How to Buy From Asos to Nigeria, Delivery, Charges and Tracking

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s go ahead on how to buy on ASOS and have your items shipped down to you here in Nigeria.

First things first, you need to make sure that you have a means of payment. ASOS accepts PayPal, Google Pay, MasterCard and Visa. However, if you intend to use a MasterCard or Visa Nigerian Debit card then I suggest you contact your bank and ask if your card has been cleared/activated for online/international transactions or if you’d need to get a dollar card.

If you can get all these sorted out,  then you are good to go

How To Shop/Order On ASOS

First things first, if you’re a new user and using the site for the first time then you’d want to register.

  1. Visit the ASOS website and Register by filling the short form. If you’re an existing user then you can go ahead and Log In.
  2. Once you’re in your account then the first thing you’d want to do is to navigate to the “My Account” section and fill the necessary information needed. Information like your Shipping and billing address, provide payment method etc.
  3. You’ll also be asked at some point to choose a preferred currency from USD or CAD (US dollars or Canadian Dollars), simply choose USD.
  4. After filling the necessary forms in my account section then, you can then go back to the homepage and start shopping for items you would like to buy. When you see an item you like, you can simply add it to your bag(also known as Cart). Items added to the bag stays there for just an hour. You can also Click on the Love Icon to keep the item in your favourite list.
  5. After adding an item to the bag, you can go back and add some more if you want. After getting all the item you need, simply click on the bag at the top right side of the screen to display the contents of the bag as well as price, shipping and payment methods.
  6. After choosing the options you want, you can then go ahead and checkout/pay for the item. If you use a Nigerian Naira Debit card for the purchase then the equivalent in naira will be deducted using your bank exchange rate. However, if you use a Dollar Card and you ASOS account is set to Dollar then there will be no exchange.

ASOS Delivery and Charges

As for delivery on ASOS, there are two types of delivery. The first shipping method is paid and the price varies depending on how much product you’ve bought. This shipping method usually takes no longer than 4 days to get to your address (the one provided in your “My account” page) after you’ve purchased the products.

The shipping is handled by a UK company by the name PDP who then hands it over to a Nigerian Shipping company when it gets to Nigeria. The Nigerian Shipping company – Aramex – is now tasked with getting the item to you.

If you opted for the free shipping or bought items worth $20 or more which qualifies for free delivery then that takes about 10 to 14days to get to the Post Office nearest to your address. This free shipping is also handled by PDP and then Aramex when it gets to Nigeria. However, you’ll have to go to your nearest Post office when your package arrives to pick up your items.

Also, Users of ASOS have reportedly been getting a customs duty fine on packages that cost more than $250. To avoid this, it is advised not to order anything that costs about $250 at once. You can split them into two and order them separately at separate times.

If you still have problems or questions regarding ASOS, you can reach them on twitter @ASOS_HeretoHelp


  1. Hi, do you have any idea how much they charge for customs? How much does your order have to be worth for customs to charge you and are the fees much?

    • This depends on the item you order. Some are free and some attract custom duties especially the expensive one


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