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Best 2nd Phone Number apps for Android and iOS


There are a lot of reasons as to why one might want or need a 2nd phone number. Personally, I always like to have at least two different lines through which people can get in touch with me; one for my family and close friends and the other for work.

This way, I can disconnect my work line whenever I don’t feel like receiving work calls but still want to be able to get in touch with my family and friends and have them contact me whenever they want.

Before now, the only way to make this possible is either to get a smartphone with a dual SIM card slot or if your smartphone has a single SIM card slot, get another smartphone. However, you can now have as many numbers as you want on just one smartphone. This is possible thanks to various apps that creates and manages a virtual phone number for you.

As expected, there are tons of apps available on the Google play store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS which can do this but thankfully, we’ve come up with the very best ones in this list which you can choose from. So without further, let’s figure down to the list.

Top 2nd Phone Number apps in 2020

1. Sideline

2nd Phone Number apps

Sideline does exactly what the name implies as it provides you with a line on the side for people to reach you on. This particular app that provides you with a second phone number is actually aimed at people who need the second phone number for business and has some features for that purpose. It includes the basics which are calling, texting and receiving voicemails. There is also MMS and group messaging.

Unfortunately, this app is a paid app although it has a 7-day free trial period. If you end up going for the pro version, you’ll get extra features like being able to split one number across multiple devices which means you can have someone else in your team pick calls when they come in. You also get to import phone number from other similar apps.

2. Google Voice

Chances are, you already know of Google Voice or at least Google itself. Google voice is yet another good 2nd phone number app in 2020 but unlike other apps, this doesn’t have that many features, just the basics which are calls, text messaging and of course, voicemails. Like pretty much with other Google services, you’ll need a Google account to be able to make use of the Google Voice app.

Google Voice lets you call international numbers at competitive rates, provides you with advanced transcripts of your voicemails which can be sent to your mail and also backs up all your communication so you can easily look it up later. Unfortunately, the app only works for personal Google accounts of people in the U.S and depending on your market, you may not get the text messaging feature.

3. Flyp

Flyp app

Flyp is yet another app that lets you have multiple numbers but comes at a cost. The first number you’ll add will be free for the first 7days and after that, it’ll cost $8 person month to keep the number up and running. You can also add additional numbers, however, with each number you add, you’ll have to pay an additional $8 each. This app only works in the U.S so if you are living in another country then you’d have to look for another app.

As for its features, it has the usuals like calling from any of the numbers you have on the app, send messages from those numbers and also receiving voicemails. You can set do not disturb for any number you have on the app or just discard the number totally. With flyp, you can have a number for work, a number for personal calls and much more.

4. Burner

If you’ve watched enough action movies then you must already have an idea of what a burner phone is. For those of you who don’t really know, a burner phone is a phone that leaves no trace behind makes you anonymous. It can still do those basic things a normal phone can like texting, messaging and receiving voice mails and this is what the burner app is all about. It’s like having burner phone Hidden within your smartphone.

As I said, the burner app gives you a second line through which you can call, text, send and receive voicemail. This app doesn’t necessarily generate a new number like some other apps but works off your existing phone number without showing the person on the other end your real phone number. You can generate as many fake phone numbers as you want and burn them when you don’t need them anymore.

5. 2ndLine


2ndLine provides users with a second line which is basically all it does. Everything you can do with your mainline on your smartphone, you can do on your 2ndline via this app. Unfortunately, the app is only available in the U.S and Canada. If you are in any of the aforementioned two countries then you’ll get cheap international calls using your 2nd line on this app.

Asides that, you can text with emojis, send pictures, get voicemails transcripts, create customised replies for when you’re unable to pick and more. 2nd line doesn’t just create a second phone number for you, it gives you everything you need to actually make use of it like you would a regular phone number on a separate phone.


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