10 Best Android themes for free download

Action Launcher-best Android themes for free download

Themes play a major role in terms of how your smartphones look and feel. These themes are usually made up of colours and shapes for the graphical control elements.

Android being an open-source software means there is room for customisation.

These theme apps will change the look of your home screen, setting menu, keyboard and so on. Unlike custom ROM which could end up bricking your phone, these are app launchers you can download from Google play store and select which theme you like.

We bring to you the 10 best Android themes for free download.

1. Action Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Action Launcher is based on Android 9 Pie, the launcher gives you that stock Android experience. With this launcher, you can make your device look like Google Pixel phone. There is an in-built weather widget, Smart size icons, shutters, fully customizable dock search box and lots more.

2. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

The next theme app on the top 10 best Android themes for free download list is Microsoft Launcher.

This launcher app is developed by Microsoft. It is highly customisable, provides you with a new home screen experience and most importantly it is very neat and easy to understand. Your feed can be customised to show news, calendar events, stock price e.t.c.

3. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one the most popular theme app on Android, it has over 50 million downloads on the Google play store.

It comes with the latest Android features and user-friendly. You can backup your setting and favourite home screen setup, this will lead to easily transfer from one phone to another. The app drawer is very customizable and responses fast.

4. APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is a good theme app to have on your device. This is free to download version, they also have a premium version.

The customizable icons in this launcher are in HD (Higher Definition), so it shouldn’t be a surprise to know that the app has been installed over 100 million times on Google play store.

5. Computer Launcher

Computer Launcher

Computer Launcher features over 1,000 themes. The app has in-built support for both File manager and explorer. It definitely deserves a spot on the list of 10 best Android theme for free download. You can change the theme and home screen every single day, there is enough to last a whole year on this app.

6. Metro Look Launcher

This is a simple and easy to use launcher app with over 20 beautiful themes to choose from. There are over 40 background colours and titles are customizable. Metro Look Launcher supports more than 30 languages and it’s easily fan’s favourite.

7. Go Launcher

Customize your phone with HD wallpapers and free themes using Go Launcher. This app has over 100 million installs in the Google play store. Being a fan’s favourite launcher app means it worth being on the list of 10 Best Android themes for free download. There are over 10,000 themes, 3D effects, widgets for weather and calendar e.t.c.

8. Stylist Cool OS 12 Theme

Stylist Cool OS 12 Theme

This launcher app makes your device home screen and settings look like an iPhone running iOS software. It features 3D effects, widgets, beautified icons and lots more. If you’re looking for an app that will change your phone user interface to iOS, this definitely got to be the app.

9. Evie Launcher


Key features of Evie Launcher includes universal search button, quick navigation, custom shortcuts and personalization. With this launcher app, you can choose your preferred search engine (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo), lock home screens and do some other cool stuff.

10. Best Blue Launcher

Best Blue Launcher

Rounding up this list is Best Blue Launcher. It features custom icons and wallpaper that are very attractive to the eyes. The new locker screen still enables you to get notifications and also access apps directly from the locked screen.

This is the 10 Best Android theme for free download. Select your favourite and start customizing your phone home screen, settings and drawer just the way you like.


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