Best App Hiders To Hide Applications on Android

Best App Hiders To Hide Applications on Android

If you are the types that love privacy when it comes to some special apps on your phone, then you are on the right page as we will be looking at the Best App Hiders To Hide Applications on Android. Smartphones are a personal device and we store a lot of personal details on it. However, we sometimes run into friends that will like to go through our phone for different reasons; they might want to browse the internet or just want to view your photos or even just take some files. If you have kids or children at home, they might also want to play some games on your smartphone.

With all these prying eyes looking to get a glimpse at what’s on your phone, it is paramount that you keep things that you don’t want anyone to see out of sight by using an App Hider to hide App certain Apps and Files.

Some Android devices do come with app hiders so you might want to check if yours comes with one because downloading another will be redundant and just eat up your storage. With that being said, let’s get to it.

Best App Hiders To Hide Applications

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

While Nova Launcher isn’t primarily an app Hider, it does have the ability to hide apps from your home screen at your screen. This is the reason why we have listed it here as one of the Best App Hiders To Hide Applications on Android as most of us also use it as the number one launcher.

Nova launcher like the name says is a launcher and one of the best Launchers on Android. Tucked away in the settings Menu of this launcher is a hide option where you can hide any app you have Installed on phone. Asides from being able to hide apps, you can also customise the Launcher to your tastes with things like Icons. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a neat way to hide apps on your android phone then look no further, Nova Launcher got you covered. You should also note that people who know about Nova Launcher can also go to the Settings Menu of the Launcher and unhide the apps but that is highly unlikely.

Download Nova Launcher



AppLock is one of the best lock apps as well as one of the Best App Hiders To Hide Applications you can download on the Google Play Store. This AppLock is currently number 1 in over 40 countries and won the best AppLock app for 2018 with over 100Million+ Downloads on the Google Play Store. Not only can you hide Apps and games but you can also hide your gallery and any other apps you have Installed on your phone using any verification method you want; PIN, Password or even Fingerprint. It also has some extra features like a private SNS Browser that lets you log in to multiple browsers and incognito mode that keeps no history among other features. If you’re looking for an all in one app to hide your apps then this right here is for you.

Download AppLock

Calculator Vault

No, it isn’t a calculator but it sure looks like one. Calculator Vault is one of the Best App Hiders To Hide Applications that I like just because of its concept. The App, when open, looks like a normal calculator, throwing people off it’s scent whereas it has your hidden apps and games underneath. All you have to do is simply input the code of the app which you will set and boom, it goes from a calculator to showing your hidden apps. This fools people who don’t know the app into thinking that it is just an ordinary calculator. It also has other features to help keep intruders far away for your important apps and files on your phone. It is definitely worth the try.

Download Calculator Vault

AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock FingerPrint

AppLock – Fingerprint like the name already suggests lets you lock your apps with your fingerprint which pretty secure. You can lock as many apps as you want. Asides that, you can also use a pattern, a more advanced pattern 18×18 pattern instead of the standard 3×3 on Android devices, thereby giving more security. One of the best features of this app is the ability to make an app seems like it ain’t working. You can set any app to keep writing “Unfortunately, this app has closed” upon opening which is pretty amazing. This way, intruders think the problem is from the app not knowing you set it that way.

Download AppLock – Fingerprint


No doubt, there are many app hiders out there but we have been able to test the one reviewed here and we believe that they are one of the Best App Hiders To Hide Applications on Android devices. With just one of these apps installed on your android device, your privacy is definitely guaranteed. Which one is your best app hider and why?


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