Best Apps For The Commuters


We spend weeks of our entire lives on our daily commute, and it can be the same, repetitive, boring journey every single time.

The monotony of our journey to work can put us in a bad frame of mind when it comes to sitting at our desk, but that really doesn’t have to be the case. There are dozens of fantastic apps out there to help add a little fun to your commute. So, what should you be doing to take yourself away from the packed trains and overbearing buses?


For many, the commute to work is the only time where you have a bit of time to yourself, which makes it a great place to calculate your chores, to-dos, and plans for the future.

Wunderlist is a great app that allows you to build a list for practically anything you like and make commuting the perfect time for organizing. That could be setting up a bucket list, or creating a list of to-dos for the day ahead. It’s an app that stands out above its competitors with a feature that allows you to seamlessly transfer your list from device to device.


Bingo might not seem the perfect app for a commute but it has a whole heap of value. First of all, it will seriously help pass the time, with games of bingo being quick, fun, and a game you really can’t take your eyes off.

WhichBingo is considered the best bingo review site on the market, with a whole heap of offers, and a variety of games with plenty of chances to win. It’s perhaps the latter which is most appealing to commuters. You can learn more about the best bingo apps and offers available here, but it’s perhaps the frantic nature of bingo that may be most beneficial to commuters.

The average commuter slumps on their chair, coffee in hand and continues to wake up ahead of a day at work, but by playing bingo it’ll get your brain thinking quicker and is proven to sharpen your thoughts, particularly useful ahead of a day at work.

G Docs

G Docs are used by most companies these days and can be downloaded in app form, which is great for those who want to dive into their work early. You can access Word, Sheets and much more, all of which can then be picked up when you get into work as long as you’re logged into the same account. They’re free to download and are the perfect commuter tool for the workaholic.

iRobot Home

A little like Wunderlist, iRobot is another app that will help get your affairs in order while you have that little bit of time.

It’s a truly incredible app that more and more people are going to begin to use. To use it however you do need to spend heavily on the devices compatible with it, but iRobot will help you clean remotely, meaning the weekend chores are no more.

The Roomba is a vacuuming robot in which you can get it started by pushing a button on an app, while you can also buy a robot to mop for you.

It’s expected more will hit the market in the future, making your 30-minute journey to work, a time saver of about an hour when you get home.


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