5 Best Apps To Watch Live Football On iPhone Free


If you are a football fan there are lots of reasons one would like to have top apps to watch live Football. It could be that with these apps one can watch any live match on the go via your iPhone.

Now you can watch any live football match on your iPhone which you obviously carry around everywhere you go. This way, you can watch any live football game you want regardless of where you and don’t have to miss even a bit of the game.

Apps To Watch Live Football On iPhone Free

Now, we will be listing the best apps to watch live Football on your iPhone for absolutely free and also where you can download them. Without further ado, let’s get right down to the list.

Best Apps To Watch Live Football On iPhone Free

1. iPlay TV

iPlay TV is a very nice app, not just for sports live streaming but also streaming in general. It is one of the reliable apps to watch live Football on your iPhone. The app allows you to watch live TV channels like sports channels, kids channels, region-based news channels and many more.

Now, due to the nature of the app being a streaming app, it isn’t available on the Apple App Store and you will have to visit a third-party app store called AppValley (www.appvalley.vip/app/) and search for the iPlay TV App, Click on “Get” beside it and Install.

Now Go to your Settings Menu >> General >> Device Management and Trust the app profile which is “Shenzhen Yunxun”. Simply click on it and tap trust. You can now go back and open the app then start streaming.

2. Channels App

Channels App is also good streaming and much like the iPlay TV counterparts, this is also not available on the apple app store.

You’ll also have to go through the third-party website called AppValley (www.appvalley.vip/app/), search for it and install.

After that, you need to navigate to your phone Settings >> General >> Device Management and Trust the app before you can be able to stream with the app.

The app comes with so many channels to pick from which includes Sports, Lifestyle and even some paper view content of events.

3. SportsTV

SportsTV is mainly a sport streaming app as the name says with access to watch some many sports channels including channels like Sky Sports, BT Sports, Euro Sports and many more.

You also get to stream all these channels in HD quality for an optimal viewing experience. The app also includes some Hindi Versions of some of its channels and some special channels for kids.

To download this app, you’ll first have to download a third-party app store called TutuApp (www.tutuapp.vip), Install it and go to Settings >> General >> Device Management and Trust the app (China Television).

Now Launch the TutuApp and search for “SportsTV” app using the search bar, Download it and you’re good to go. You can now open the SportsTV app and search for literally any TV Channel you want and stream.


ESPN is more than an app you can use to stream sports, it goes beyond that. You can use the app to also keep up with the happenings in the sports world like check live scores, Transfer news, table Ranking and much more.

Furthermore, you can download the app directly from your Apple app store which is pretty simple and straightforward. If you’re a sports fan then you obviously need to have this app on your iPhone.

  • Download ESPN Here

5. beIN Sports Connect

beIN Sports Connect is yet another good sports streaming app you can download right now on your iPhone. It features 11 channels that are available to you anywhere you are and supports two major languages; English and Spanish.

It also includes game highlights, sports personalities, discussion, analysis and opinions about or on different sports topics which are just fun and interesting to watch. It is definitely an app worth checking out among our list of the apps to watch live Football on iPhone.

  • Download beIN Sports Connect Here


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