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10 Best Beauty Camera Apps for Android in 2021

B612-Best Beauty Camera Apps for Android

Despite the high quality of smartphone cameras, users still want to download and install the best beauty camera apps on their Android devices. This points to the fact that people will always want to look their best.

Beauty camera apps are fun to use. They have so many features that intrigue the users. Are you are looking to make your pictures look even better? Or you just want to do some photo editing tricks on your Android device? This is the article you want to read to the end.

We have packaged the 10 best beauty camera apps for Android in this article. Sit back and enjoy. Don’t forget to download and install the best camera app you find here.

Best Beauty Camera Apps for Android

  1. B612


This is easily one of the most popular selfie apps you will find on Android. It works flawlessly. You can use it on any Android device. The B612 app has fun to use user interface, making several features easily accessible.

This beauty camera app has loads of stickers that make you look glamorous. The app allows users to apply several beauty effects to their images. You can even skim your face, shape your nose, and lots more.

  1. Candy Camera

Candy Camera is a simple, reliable, and fast beauty camera. This is one of the very best beauty camera apps for any Android user. You can download and install it on the Google Play Store. This app has millions of downloads. It also has more than 7 million daily active users.

The app has diverse filters for diverse beautiful looks. It makes it easy to test out the filters without applying the on the pictures. You also have some advanced beauty features. Additionally, you can use such makeup tools as eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and concealer to obtain your most beautiful self.

  1. Retrica

Like Candy Camera above, Retrica is regarded as one of the best beauty cameras for Android. Retrica is even better in a selfie setting. With millions of users and downloads in its track record, Retrica has consistently provided quality since inception.

Making collages is super easy and extra fun on Retrica. You just have to take multiple selfie images and leave the rest to the amazing app. The app also allows you to decorate your pictures with stickers. This also applies to videos. Retrica comes with the share feature allowing you to broadcast your pictures on social media platforms.

  1. Perfect camera

Perfect Camera Beauty Plus

If you are looking for the best beauty camera that is a little different from most, this is it. The perfect beauty camera app offers more options in terms of picture editing. This app offers more real-time beautifying to end-users than any of the apps above it.

It has one-touch filter capable of making your images pop. You can also blur out the background. Perfect allows you to apply HDR effects on your pictures. It is just more advanced than your typical beauty camera.

  1. Sweet Selfie

When it comes to making awesome adjustments to your selfies, Sweet Selfie stands out. This app makes you look stunning so seamlessly. It has a one-click auto beautifying feature. This feature makes picture beautification so easy that you may never want to use any app apart from Sweet Selfie.

For those who just want to look good without making it obvious that the picture has gone through some major adjustments, Sweet Selfie is your ideal app.

  1. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus is more than your ordinary beauty camera Android app. It is a full option photo editor. The app is popular as a beauty camera and a photo editor. Its millions of users will tell you it is arguably the best photo app on the Google Play Store.

The fact that this app is a fully-fledged photo editor means that you can use any of the aforementioned apps to snap a picture, then import to BeautyPlus to edit.

BeautyPlus has many features that give you the leverage to look beautiful and stunning. You can even make an eye, nose, hair, mouth, and smile adjustments. This is an awesome app for Android users.

  1. Bestie


The app has a very intuitive user interface. It also delivers awesome photo experience. On this app, you will find extensive tools you can use to customise your pictures and be creative.

This app features many options that should come standard on a photo editor. You can apply filters and adjust your skin tone. You can even apply animations to your pictures to make it more fun.

  1. LINE Camera

The Line Camera app provides you with amazing photo editing tools. This app helps you drive your creativity to greater levels. The camera snaps really quickly. The app may make you forget that you really had a camera app that came with your device.

Although this app doesn’t come with an array of beauty features, it is great for highlighting special details like skin complexion. It also comes with a flash and timer to help you snap the perfect shot.

  1. BestMe

This app has over 125 real-time filters. It is a truly incredible Android beauty camera app. Specially designed for selfie lovers, BestMe features a mirror filter capable of snapping unique and intriguing pictures.

More interestingly, the app is designed in such a way that it can easily detect your face and make the required adjustments just to make you look the best. You can also apply filters to your images. There is a background blur effect that can make you stand out in pictures.

  1. Camera360

Camera 360

Being the last on the last doesn’t imply that Camera360 is the least on this list. In fact, millions of users around the world regard the app as the best beauty camera on Android. A look at its reviews on Google Play Store will tell you more.

That said, this is fun to use app that is able to take high-quality images. The app offers fun stickers and effects that can make you look even better. Camera360 also makes it easy to create collages.



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