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10 Best Clone Apps for Android in 2021

10 Best Clone Apps for Android in 2020

Clone apps are apps that make it possible to run two same apps or two app accounts on your Android phone. For Example, with a clone app like Parallel Space, you can have two WhatsApp or Facebook apps on a device without the need for a second phone.

Whatever is your objective for having more than one app accounts on your phone, you will find this post on the 10 best clone apps for Android in 2021 helpful to manage your accounts seamlessly.

These pieces of clone software will give you that much needed dual access to any social messaging app simultaneously. Let us now cut to the chase and present you with the 10 best clone apps for Android

Top Clone Apps for Android Smartphones

Parallel Space

Developed by LBE Tech and downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play, Parallel Space is among the most popularly used clone apps for the Android operating system. The tool allows you to use multiple accounts of the same application simultaneously and design a unique space with the use of themes.

Parallel Space offers you an easy-to-understand and responsive user interface, providing you with customizable themes as well as backgrounds. It also protects your privacy as it lets you hide apps on your smartphone using a feature called Incognito Installation.

Parallel Space is available in more than 20 languages. Further, it supports the majority of Android apps.

Download Parallel Space for Android on Google Play

Dual Space

Like Parallel Space, the Dual Space app also boasts of 100M+ downloads on Google Play. With this piece of software, you can make a parallel space in your device for running multiple accounts on the same application at once.

Dual Space enables millions of users to keep both their personal and work accounts logged in at the same time, enabling you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The software supports opening a second account on almost all social media apps.

It also offers you an option that serves as a privacy zone and apps-clone, allowing cloned apps to stay invisible.

Download Dual Space for Android from Google Play

DO Multiple Accounts

The Do Multiple Accounts apps, which is designed by River Stone Tech, is a free tool that lets you clone parallel multiple social media accounts. It supports popular social network, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, in addition to gaming apps.

The app is a lightweight and robust clone tool that is compatible with the majority of instant messaging apps, social networking apps, and gaming apps. Switching between different accounts is not only easy but also fast.

Like the other reviewed apps above, the Do Multiple Accounts has a Privacy Locker that protects cloned accounts, notification setting for managing notification of clones, and Lite Mode for ensuring optimum power & memory efficiency.

Download Do Multiple Accounts for Android from Google Play.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts is built by Wang Technology and has been downloaded by more than five million users on Google Play. It has support for multi-accounts running at once online.

The software is a great app to check out if you want to establish good work-life balance as it lets you switch fast between various accounts. It comes with a variety of fascinating features and capabilities, including a clean & simple interface, small and low CPU consumption, among others.

To experience double gaming account experience, the Multiple Accounts app is your best bet.

Download Multiple Accounts for Android from the Play Store

App Cloner

App Cloner

App Cloner is one of the 10 best clone apps for Android in 2021. It helps you make identical & fully-functional clones for a range of apps & games without the need to handle root permissions.

App Cloner is a popular tool, which works as a dependable cloning program for facilitating multiple accounts on the same mobile application for Android users. Among many exciting benefits and perks, it is free to download & use and is highly efficient.

Download App Cloner for Android from the Play Store



2Account is built by Excelliance Technology as a unique way of hiding any accounts you do not want others to see. It is an awesome piece of software that helps you create and manage multiple accounts online at once on a single Android smartphone.

With 2Accounts, you can sign in to more than two accounts on the same app simultaneously, and your data for each is stored in parallel and distinct storage. Apart from the instant messaging app and social networking apps, it also supports gaming apps, enabling you to open two game accounts and enjoy the double game experience for the two accounts at once.

Download 2Accounts for Android from the Play Store

Dual Apps

Dual Apps is yet another amazing clone app for Android in 2021. W ith this software, you can keep multiple social network accounts signed in parallel space.

Like the other tools whose features are outlined above, Dual Apps helps you balance life and work efficiently. It helps improve your social circles as it lets you manage two accounts on the same social platforms. The app offers you privacy since it does not leave any trace in your device system. Dual Apps can ensure your private account remains invisible, away from prying eyes of others.

With this piece of software, you can now double your gaming experience and have double the fun. It supports using a second account on social apps, games, banking apps, music apps, shopping apps, and among others. Also, it helps you import apps easily, quickly, and efficiently.

Download Dual Apps for Android from the Play Store

Parallel U

Parallel U is a free cloner to run multiple accounts on a single Android smartphone. It is a great tool that can easily switch from your personal account to your work account and vice versa, helping you achieve good life and work balance.

The Parallel U can expand the joy of playing mobile games on your Android as it enables you to manage two game accounts simultaneously.

Download Parallel U for Android from the Play Store



MultiApp is developed by Monii as a nice tool for imitating apps on your Android. It helps you sign in to multiple accounts on a single app, thus, allowing you to use multiple accounts of one app at once.

MultiApp offers an easy-to-use interface. To clone your apps, simply tap it. It also lets you rename the cloned apps with both the original apps and the cloned ones work without depending on each other.

Download MultiApp for Android from the Play Store

Parallel Accounts

The Parallel Accounts app is yet another option among the 10 best clone apps for Android in 2021. It helps you duplicate apps, make cloned apps stay hidden, and ensure they work privately.

Parallel Accounts supports every type of apps, including the ones for social networking, for gaming, or for shopping apps. It is a lightweight mobile application with an attractive and stylish UI. The software consumes less RAM (random access memory) and is great for optimizing battery performance.

Download Parallel Accounts for Android from the Play Store Android

Outlined above are the features of the 10 best clone apps for Android in 2021.



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