10 Best Cricket Games For Android

10 Best Cricket Games For Android

There are so many sports games on the Google play store for every sports lover regardless of the kind of sport you like.

One of the exciting and interesting game genres is cricket. According to Wikipedia, the game of Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a 20-metre (22-yard) pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps.

Cricket is an interesting game for those who know how to play it. It is a popular game in India, in fact, while the British enjoying watching the Premiership every weekend, the Indians never miss an opportunity to watch their favourite cricket championship

In this article, we will be listing some of the best cricket games you can download from the Google play store if you love and would like to play the cricket sports game on your Android device.

Best Cricket Games For Android

10. Google Doodle Cricket

10 Best Cricket Games For Android

First off is the Google Doodle Cricket. The game was created to celebrate the ICC champions trophy and features a very simplistic design and interface. Also, the gameplay is super smooth and it is a fun way to start learning about cricket. It is also very lightweight so you shouldn’t worry about it taking up your storage space.

9. Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash is also among of the very best cricket games on the Google play store which is based on the Australia big bash league. The gameplay is super smooth and the graphics is realistic. It also has some cool daily challenges and some secret trophies to hunt for. Overall it a very good cricket game and you should definitely check it out.

8. Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket is one of the newest cricket games which actually plays really good. The game has very nice graphics and features an authentic cricket Action, fast-paced gameplay and all the thrills and drama of the real Cricket game. The game has already gotten over 5Million downloads on the Google play store just to show you how good of a cricket game it is. Best part? It’s just 100MB in size.

7. Smash Cricket

Screenshot Image

On smash cricket, you can either play offline or online in the six different and unique modes available which include but not limited to Chase Down, Super Series and others. The graphics are quite nice, has good details and the overall gameplay is smooth. This is one of the cricket games I’d definitely recommend as it is just 20MB in size on the Google Play store.

6. Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket features fully licensed and updated teams from BBL|07 and WBBL|03. The controls are pretty easy to learn even for a first-timer but hard to master. Big Bash Cricket also has some really nice daily challenges, premium Unlockables and an improved gameplay experience over the previous version of the game.

5. ICC Pro Cricket

ICC Pro Cricket is also one of the best cricket games because is it had been going strong having been released back in 2015 with constant upgrades since then to make it what it is today and it has done good given the 5Million+ download on the Google Play store. It features the most innovative gameplay, authentic stadiums, Intuitive batting Controls & Bowling controls, Motion captured animation to give you that real cricketing experience.

4. Beach Cricket

Beach Cricket is also another good cricket game which stands out from the rest of the cricket games. Why? Because the game, as the name would suggest, has taken the cricket experience to the beach. Asides from the change in scenery, the gameplay is okay and everything looks good.

3. Real Cricket 18

Real Cricket 18 with almost 300MB in size is one of the best cricket games I have played and the 10Miliion+ people who have downloaded the game from the google play would agree. There is isn’t much to say about this game other than play and be amazed.

2. Word Cricket Championship

In World Cricket Championship, you can feel the world come alive in the realistic gameplay of this game. The game also has one of the best commentaries and you can play with your friends. Little wonder why this game has over 10Million+ download on the Google Play store.

1. Sachin Saga

Sanchin Saga to me is one of the best cricket games there are. In this game, you play as the legendary master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar to build your team and play online to win Sachin signed merchandise. The game has a realistic 3D graphics which is breathtaking and has gone on to be nominated as on the best Mobile and Tablet games: Sports at the 2017 FICCI Award. It also has over 5Million downloads on the Google play store and just 100MB in download size.


While there are a couple of games best cricket games on Android, the list above will no doubt help you to choose a good cricket game to pass time.


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