Best Cricket Games for iPhone and iPad

Best Cricket Games for iOS

If you have a knack for playing cricket with friends in a conventional way, you can now enjoy this popular bat-and-ball game right on your iPhone or iPad. Read on to learn the best cricket games this year for iOS.

Cricket, like football, has its roots in England and is extremely popular in India. While the game is sometimes overlooked, playing it with your neighbors and friends actually brings a lot of fun and intense bouts of camaraderie.

Playing cricket the traditional way often comes with great excitement but it could also make you hit your neighbor’s window panes or expose you to minor injuries. You can now experience the full enjoy the game of cricket has to offer right on your iPhone or iPad without expending too much energy or getting nearby things damaged needlessly, thanks to the below cricket game apps for iOS.

Best Cricket Games for iPhone and iPad Right Now

We have shortlisted the most powerful cricket games for iOS to help you choose the best tool to enjoy this game:

Smashing Cricket

Smashing Cricket is our first pick in this review among the best Cricket Games for iPhone. It is a perfect gaming app for iPhone/iPad owners that are gung-ho about cricket and never get tired of playing the game. Designed with impressive 3D graphics, Smashing Cricket has an intriguing concept and offers players a delightful gaming experience. It provides accurate bowling controls that bring a realistic feel. The app even lets you monitor your stats and work more assiduously to make them better so you can remain a top-rated player.

Smashing Cricket features a high-score mode, allowing you to keep tabs on how far your towering sixes have progressed. Download this free game and put in your best to play against your friends and win titles.

World Cricket Championship 2

 Cricket Games for iPhone

World Cricket Championship 2 is a fascinating 3D game, designed to take your penchant for playing cricket to a higher level. It is rated among the best Cricket Games for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to customize your players so they can have a dashing look. With World Cricket Championship 2, you can play up to 69 scintillating shots, such as Dil-scoop, upper-cut, and helicopter shot. You can use personalized banners for cheering your team. World Cricket Championship 2 contains 8 different bowling actions, 18 international teams, as well as 24 domestic teams, which will keep you busy with your iPhone or iPad for hours.

Real Cricket

Real Cricket is a free gaming app that charges you to take part in an intense batting showdown so you can defeat your opponents and show them your superiority. With this title, you can assume complete control of your best franchise and strategically develop the most formidable team. Designed to offer a thrilling gaming experience, Real Cricket allows you to partake in the mini world cup and become the winner of the coveted cup for your beloved nation. You can equal keep tabs on your stats and work toward improving your ranking.

Stick Cricket

Stick cricket

Arguably one of the most popular best Cricket Games for iPhone, Stick Cricket charges you to defeat all the leading 14 international teams so you can emerge as the world champion. In this game, you will partake in an all-star slog in a bid to prove your mettle against your opponents. You can also slug it out with other cricket teams to win the world cup T20. Ensure that you monitor your stats so that you can remain the most sought-after player globally.

Gully Cricket 2017

If you are looking to play captivating street games, Gully Cricket 2017 is the best Cricket Games for iPhone for you. This game app helps you enjoy playing Indian gully cricket and allows you to play 100 different matches so you can learn the ropes. You can select your own team combination, balls, bats, stumps to crush your opponents. Gully Cricket 2017 comes with an impressive range of exciting features, such as Arcade Mode, Tournament Mode as well as Gully Ka Raja

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Sachin Tendulkar is popularly regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time with billions of fans all over the world. If you have ever idolized the 45-year-old ace cricketer, who is the highest run-scorer of all time in International cricket, and would love to play like him, this title is great for you! To get started, develop your dream team from over 120 real cricketers. Once the team is ready to partake in tournaments, you can compete against other rival teams in the live events.

Download Sachin Saga Cricket Champions from the App Store

CricAstics 3D

CrisAstics 3D is a fast-paced multiplayer cricket game that charges you to be at your very best as you try to defeat your opponents and emerge as the winner. It has 3 levels, which are hard, medium as well as excellent, and you can design a challenge and throw down the gauntlet to play against rival teams. Depending on your skill, you can choose any level that is convenient for you.

Download CrisAstics 3D free from the App Store

Cricket Unlimited 2017

Cricket Unlimited 2017 is yet another top-quality game you can play if you’re an aficionado of the sporting activity. It helps you flaunt your remarkable batting skill in T20’s, ODI’s, or premier leagues. The title comes with a range of entertaining features and simple controls, like tab, swiping in different directions that help play with ease. To score maximum runs, you need to smoke long sixes and exquisite fours.

Download Cricket Unlimited 2017 for free from the App Store

Cricket Play 3D

best Cricket Games for iPhone

This fascinating 3D cricket game offers loads of fun and challenges to test your skill in intense tournaments. It is designed with stunning three-dimensional graphics, as well as engaging gameplay, which make the title highly rated among lovers of cricket. In the batting and bowling, you will get to enjoy the genuine thrill, and you can smack various kinds of cricketing shots, such as a scoop shot, an uppercut, and lots more.

  • Download Cricket Play 3D for free from the App Store

Stick Cricket Super League

In Stick Cricket Super League, you are charged with leading your team in the Global Super League. Since you’re the captain, you’ve to score the maximum runs and plan strategically how you can knock down your opponents. With this game, you can personalize your character to give the kind of look you desire. To do this customization, you can choose from a variety of hairstyles and accessories to produce a charming look for yourself.


Almost every activity we engage infrequently to have fun in the traditional way can now be enjoyed on our iPhones and iPads, and playing cricket games is not left out. Highlighted above is our selection of the best 10 cricket games for iOS. If you are a die-hard fan of cricket, you can try any one of these games on your iPhone/ iPad.


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